BJP-ruled states failed common man: Sonia

BJP-ruled states failed common man: Sonia

Battle begins: Saffron party is not against corruption, its against Cong

BJP-ruled states failed common man: Sonia

Attacking the BJP on corruption and lack of action against price rise, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday said the opposition has done precious little to ease the burden of the common man.

“I want to ask the BJP: have you taken any action against your leaders who are accused of corruption”, Gandhi queried while addressing an election rally in Shimla in an apparent reference to allegations of wrong doing against BJP President Nitin Gadkari.
She reiterated that the Congress has been fighting corruption.

Price rise is a big concern

Noting that price rise and inflation are big concerns for the common man, the UPA Chairperson said she was saddened by the sufferings of ordinary people due to increase in food prices.  While the Centre is doing everything to keep the food prices under control, she said the BJP-ruled states do little to help bring down the price.

“States need to participate in the efforts to bring down prices,” Gandhi said, asking why the BJP-ruled states were not giving subsidy on three LPG cylinders per year, while the Congress governments are managing the same. 

She said she had been against the Congress leaders tainted by corruption and mentioned that the law is dealing with the complaints received against such leaders.  Maintaining that it was the BJP that had ensured that the Lokpal bill was not passed in the Rajya Sabha, Gandhi said, “The BJP is not against corruption, it’s against the Congress.”   

She slammed the opposition for misguiding the people on Foreign Direct Investments in retail.

“FDI in retail will benefit the farmers. There will be no exploitation of the farmers and consumers will get products cheap. The problem of cold storages will also be addressed”, she said.