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Deadly attack by fish

Piranha 3-D’ airs on October 31 at 11.08 pm on Star Movies. Matthew is out fishing in Lake Victoria, Arizona when an earthquake occurs. The lake floor breaks open, creating a whirlpool.

Matthew falls into the whirlpool and is torn to pieces by prehistoric piranhas that had been living way beneath the lake floor — and thus begins the horror: 50,000 people on vacation at Lake Victoria, with a large number of piranhas waiting to chew
on their unsuspecting flesh. Will the terror ever end? Catch the movie to find out.

A corpse seeking vengeance

Catch ‘Robocop’ on HBO at 3.55 pm on October 31. In this movie, police officer Alex Murphy played by Peter Weller) and his partner Anne Lewis (essayed by Nancy Allen) are assigned the capture of a group of criminals led by Clarence Boddicker (portrayed by Kurtwood Smith).

But unfortunately, Murphy is killed by the villains. Murphy’s corpse is transformed into Robocop — who is all set to fight the villains. Robocop rediscovers his memories as Murphy and that’s when he decides to do away with Clarence and his gang. Catch the movie to find out what happens next.

Imaginary friends — or something more?

In Vaastu Shastra, Jhilmil is a doctor and her husband Virag, a writer.

Along with them live their son, Rohan and Jhilmil’s sister, Radhika. They move into a lonely bungalow, a few kilometres away from Pune.

The women go to Pune everyday while Virag writes at home. Rohan is left with the new maid Rukma. Rohan is thrilled to inform his family that he has befriended Manish and Jyoti.

They are surprised as they have no neighbours for miles around, but think that the kids are a part of the child’s imagination. A few days later, Rohan complains of Rukma trying to kill him.

No one takes him seriously till a police inspector rings their doorbell to inform them that Rukma had been killed by a hit-and-run driver. The policeman also tells them that they had a witness saying that Rukma had attempted to kill Rohan.

If Rohan had been telling the truth all along, then who were his two new friends?    Watch the movie on Filmy at 3 pm on October 31.

Caught up in indecision

In tonight’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai, Akshara is in need of a little emotional support.

Thankfully, she manages to get this from Dadi, who goes out of her way to make her feel better.

Now, she needs to make a decision — should she make an attempt to clear
the misunderstandings and conflict between her and Naitik, which were caused because of Antara? Catch the show on Star Plus at 9.30 pm on October 31 to find out.

Discovering the truth about his past

Van Helsing’ is a terrifying tale woven around the ancient myth of Count Dracula.

Set in the late 19th century, this is the story of Gabriel Van Helsing, a renowned vampire hunter who cannot recall his own past.

He comes across a place that is ruled by Count Dracula, the seductive and timeless vampire.

Van Helsing has been sent to destroy Dracula and he partners with Anna
Valerious, whose family has been extinguished by the dreaded vampire.

Both of them try to end Dracula’s life — but before that, Helsing discovers a secret and must remember his past.

Tune in to the movie on Zee Studio at 10.30 pm on October 31.

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