'We're not here to win awards'

'We're not here to win awards'

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Nidhi Subbaiah has once again crossed over the boundaries to Bollywood for Sanjay Gadhvi’s film Ajab Gazabb Love, after her role in the recent Paresh Rawal-starrer ‘Oh My God’. Metrolife caught up with the young star for a chat about the film.

Lovely: Nidhi Subbaiah

“Ajab Gazabb Love is a film that has two fresh, good-looking lead actors. It’s a breezy film and in today’s age, everybody needs a bit of humour in his or her life,” shares Nidhi.

“That’s where young actors like Jackky and I come in. We’re not here to win any awards; we’ll put a smile on your face, make you laugh and entertain you for two hours,” she adds.

When asked which film industry is more challenging to work in, she pauses for a while and notes that the two cannot be compared. “Normally, people ask me the difference between Sandalwood and Bollywood.

I tell them that there’s no difference because it’s work at the end of the day. You put on your make up, learn your lines, act and come back home.”

However, she does admit that the language barrier comes in the way. “From what I have noticed, the challenge lies in the language since I can’t think in Hindi.

Even when I entered Kannada films, I would think in English or in Coorgi. Eventually, I had to learn to manage both,” notes the 25-year-old.

She has had her share of hits like Abhimaani, Krishnan Marriage Story and Pancharangi. But even after 12 films, she enjoys taking time to get to know the character she is to play and essay that to perfection.

“For this film, I knew I had to get into the skin of my character, Madhvi Singh Chouhan, who is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The hardest thing was to have a bit of a twang in the way I spoke. We even went through two weeks of workshops, in which Jackky and I got to know each other’s reactions and read the lines together,” she says.

Announcements will be made soon about her upcoming films but for the time being, she refuses to divulge any details. But she does share a bit about the dream directors with whom she would love to work.

“I hope to work with Rajkumar Hirani some day because I love the kind of films he makes. I also want to be directed by Anurag Basu — because I loved Barfi! — as well as Imtiaz Ali,” says Nidhi, who has a long wishlist of 15 to 20 directors other than the ones mentioned.

What does she think of this City? “Bangalore is my hometown and for me, it’s always about coming back home. The things that I miss about it are the food and weather,” she concludes.

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