From 'Bharath Chodo' to 'Bharath Jodo'

From 'Bharath Chodo' to 'Bharath Jodo'

The former Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Seetharam Kedlaya has taken up “Bharath Parikrama Yatra” for the empowerment of rural areas covering the entire country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir by walk.

Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of his stay in small village Madhwanagar near Adi Udupi here on Tuesday, Seetharam Kedlaya said he started his walk from Kanyakumari on August 9, the date coinciding with the celebrations of launching of Quit India Movement.

The slogan then was “Bharath Chodo,” while the slogan now is “Bharath Jodo”. The mission aims at unifying the entire country irrespective of caste, religion and creed. He said he also carries a message against urbanisation, mechanisation and globalisation which has deprived lay man of the real values of life.

The farmers are moving away from agriculture. Attempts should be made to bring back the farmers to the field, he stressed.

Ghandhian model of development should be adopted instead of Nehruvian model of development which is totally against the idea of empowerment of rural areas. “Gram Swarajya” was the Ghandhian model for development paradigm, he said,

He said his goal is to cover at least 10 kms per day and he plans to end his voyage covering the entire country by another five years.

“The world has become a market and life has become a business and world is also viewed as a battle field and life has become a struggle. We should come out from this approach which is leading us to the path of violence, Kedlaya added.