GPS to monitor housing schemes, misuse of funds to be curbed

GPS to monitor housing schemes, misuse of funds to be curbed

Construction should be completed within 6 months

The state government has ordered to implement Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in an effort to put a stop to the irregularities happening under Housing schemes.

Earlier nodal officers of Rajeev Gandhi Rural Housing Coporation made a visit to the villages where the houses of the beneficiaries are under construction and verify the details and were using the GPS technology only for monitoring the sites.

If the documents are approved the funds were remitted to the respective beneficiaries’ accounts.

But with the rise in allegations that the officials were hand in glove with the beneficiaries and were sanctioning funds even when the construction of the house is in basement level, the government had directed to use GPS to monitor the scheme and then approve further funds.

The GPS technology which was limited only to Basava Housing Scheme earlier is now being extended to Indira Awas, Dr B R Ambedkar housing schemes too.

The government  is sanctioning Rs 75,000 under Basava Housing Scheme. According to guidelines, the Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) has to make spot inspection of the site and has to transfer the information to the nodal officer through online. Later, nodal officer would visit the site and check it through GPS and after the information sent by the PDO is verified the first instalment of the amount - Rs 15,000 is approved and remitted in the bank account.

The next instalments of Rs 20,000 is remitted at the lintel level and another Rs 20,000 at the ceiling level. The final instalment is approved after the completion of the house after checking through GPS by the nodal officer.

Moreover, the beneficiary has to begin constructions within 15 days of the first instalment and complete it within six months.

If it remains incomplete the gram panchayat has the power to withdraw the funds and the beneficiary has to sign a document accepting the same.

By adapting this new technology it is possible to curb misuse of funds and in the meantime the works are completed within the scheduled time, said ZP CEO K B Prabhuswamy.

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