'Furnish details of UPA scams before pointing fingers at State'

'Furnish details of UPA scams before pointing fingers at State'

“Sonia Gandhi in her recent visit to Mangalore, questioned the State government for not furnishing the details of the funds released by the Centre. But, who is Sonia Gandhi to question about the funds spent by the State? First, let she furnish details about the funds lost in UPA scams to the Indian citizens,” said MLC Monappa Bhandary.

Addressing a press meet at BJP Office on Tuesday, Bhandary said that anyone can get details on how the State government has spent the funds allotted by the Centre through RTI. Unfortunately, the UPA government's scams do not come under RTI. “The Congress leaders should first give details of the funds that are lost in scams, before questioning the State,” he said.

“The BJP District Unit supports the statement by District-In-Charge Minister C T Ravi with regard to Sonia Gandhi's matter. However, it condemns the statements by former MLA Vijay Kumar Shetty who retaliated to C T Ravi's statements. It is better that Shetty declares the assets owned by Congress leaders than pointing fingers at Ravi,” he added.


A district-level Pramuk convention will be held at Sanganiketan on November 3 at 10 am. All BJP leaders will participate in the convention. The party's future action plan and other matters will be discussed.