Apartments, hotels face Palike's wrath

Apartments, hotels face Palike's wrath

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will crack the whip against those who generate waste in bulk and fail to dispose it scientifically.

Palike Commissioner Rajneesh Goel recently directed all zonal-level joint commissioners to issue notices to prominent bulk garbage generators such as apartments, commercial establishments and hotels. Following the directions, the joint commissioners have prepared a list of those who have not fallen in line.

The Palike made segregation of waste at source mandatory from October 1. But, the Palike is not serious in enforcing the rule, thus giving people enough time to understand the concept of waste segregation.

Added to this, the Palike, along  with the Karnataka State Bio-fuel Development Board conducted training programmes for bulk generators of waste throughout the month. They were informed about ways to produce energy from waste and instructed to set up their own garbage disposal units.

Despite all these efforts of the Palike, the bulk generators of waste refused to follow its mandate, inviting notices.