Weatherman predicts more rain

Weatherman predicts more rain

Nilam effect

Mysoreans woke up on Wednesday morning only to experience light and medium showers all day hindering their daily activities, thanks to the cyclonic storm Nilam that is threatening the neighbouring districts Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and is likely to continue for a couple of days more.

It was time to pull out the umbrellas and rain coats from the cupboards to carry on with their schedules on Wednesday.

While some children were gleefully enjoying their way to their schools, others opted to stay indoors fearing an attack of cold and also enjoy an extended holiday on Kannada Rajyotsava day that falls on Thursday.

The college students sported colourful umbrellas and the  campuses never looked more colourful with the unfolded umbrellas resembling butterflies in all hues.

The rain never seemed to cease the whole day as there was continuous showers without a break.However, weatherman suggests to carry your umbrellas on Thursday and Friday too, as it is predicted that the rains would intensify and continue for the next two days.

Weatherman Devaraj of Naganahalli Research Centre predicted more rains on Thursday, Friday and Saturday also.  According to him, the depression is likely to get stronger and heavy rains expected at the time when the cyclone hits the eastern coast between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. However, it is difficult to predict the exact timing as the depression is on constant move and is changing directions.


However, the rains due to cyclone has come as a blessing in disguise for the farmers who had to incur losses due to delayed and insufficient monsoon this year.
The ryots who had sown ragi, jowar, til, ‘uchellu’ and other dry crops are heaving a sigh of relief and are hoping of good yield this season. It’s time to rejoice for farmers again.