Back home, but struggle begins afresh

Back home, but struggle begins afresh

The flood, which inundated the entire village overnight on October 2, has subsided. But, 12 persons died, 159 houses collapsed while walls of 377 houses were damaged. Of the 19 persons caught in the landslide, only nine bodies have been extricated and the search for the rest is on.

Now, four days after the heavy rains and landslides, the residents have begun returning from the gruel centres with worries over resuming their life from the scratch. Some of them are left with nothing but the clothes they have worn. Their  houses are filled with mud and stones, and foul smell emanates from them.

Harrowing experience

Those who are still in gruel centres, also have harrowing experience. The women are the worst-affected as there is no toilet facility in the gruel centre, let alone taking bath.  
Though left with the bare minimum necessities, a 65-year-old resident, Deve Gowda said: “At least, we have survived the flood.”

Prashant of Todur said: “As the vessels and grains have washed away, how do we cook food at home?”

Food grains stored in gunny bags were also completely wet.
However, some of the daily wagers were seen drying the grains and others cleaning the portion of their damaged houses on Monday.

After surviving the rain fury, efforts are on to fight the fresh problems and live on.