'Eat frozen food to lose weight'

'Eat frozen food to lose weight'

'Eat frozen food to lose weight'

Want to lose weight? Look into your freezer! Eating low-calorie frozen foods can help you stay slim and shed kilos as they provide calorie control, experts claim.

“Low-calorie frozen meals provide convenience, structure and calorie control, which leads to better adherence and weight loss,” said Jessica Bartfield, who specialises in nutrition and weight management at Loyola University Health System.

“Save time, save money, boost nutrition and control portions by eating low-calorie, frozen foods,” Bartfield said.

To safely lose weight, Bartfield advises that most people need to consume a low-calorie diet, anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800 calories per day, depending on certain factors such as weight, age, height and gender.

“The taste, nutrition, overall quality and variety of frozen food has improved tremendously. I often recommend to my patients looking to lose weight that they fulfil at least one of the three basic meals with a frozen entree as a proven dieting strategy,” she said.

Most frozen meals provide 200 to 350 calories per meal, which fits within that range along with one to two healthy snacks per day, Bartfield said.

“For people with higher calorie needs, they can add fruits or vegetables to the meal or even a small serving of protein to hit the calorie target,” she added.