To blame is futile

What is the use of blame? You blame someone and if that person is really a culprit, the first time it will provoke him, but if you keep blaming him, he becomes numb to it and doesn’t care.

If he is not a culprit, if he is really genuine and you blame him, it pierces his heart; touches and stirs his soul.

If that person is a yogi, he will use it for his benefit and view it as an exercise to maintain his equanimity and wish only good to everyone. If the person is not that wise, if it pierces his heart and he feels the pain, it rebounds back to you. When you blame someone, just analyze what your purpose of blaming is. You want to correct the person? Or are you blaming because you want to vent out your emotions?

What is your attitude? Venting out your emotions or blaming someone only shows how immature you are, how much jealousy you have, that you have no control over your own mind. Blame does not lead you anywhere and does not give you any result. You can only correct someone with love, compassion and communication.Blame means no communication.

If everybody is praising you and you say that I am a very balanced person, it doesn’t mean much. If a bunch of people are blaming you for what you have not done and you still keep your balance then that means you have achieved something.

So stand up to criticism and give constructive criticism with compassion and care. Then it works. Blaming is out of anger, jealousy, hatred and does not yield any result. This does not mean that you always say nice things and put a smile on your face, but you feel very angry inside.

This is not going to work. Suppressing anger inside a problem and at the same time, being a time bomb all the time or a timeless bomb is even more dangerous. We need a certain balance in life, certain wisdom. Silence and meditation will take you in that direction. Don’t say, ‘I have been doing meditation for so long but I still lose my temper’.

Never mind. If you were losing your temper a hundred times, now you are losing it a dozen times. It always reduces. And on the spiritual path, the first rule is stop blaming yourself. Spirituality is getting in touch with the core of your being.

If you keep blaming yourself, how can you go near yourself? You can never be at peace, you can never dive inside and you can never transcend when you blame yourself.

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