Konkona says no!

Konkona says no!

Language Barriers

Few months ago, there was a rumour that Bollywood actress Konkona Sen had been approached for doing a Kannada film. There were reports that Gubbachchigalu director Abhay Simha, who had roped in Mammootty for Shikari, had plans to get Konkona on board as well.

Recently, when Konkona was in the City she was asked whether it was true that she had signed a Kannada movie. Speaking to Metrolife Konkona clears the air, “Many people have asked me this question but let me make it clear that nobody has approached me so far nor have I looked at any script for a Kannada movie.”

On being asked whether she will be interested in trying her luck in Sandalwood, she says, “On one hand, I would love to try but at the same time I wouldn’t be comfortable doing a movie whose  language I can’t understand. As an actress, I would like to feel my character and give correct emotion to the dialogues.”

But didn’t she act as a Tamilian girl in ‘Mr and Mrs Iyer’? “Well, that was in English, I only had to get my accent right, hence I had no issues,” she clarifies.