'I intend to shed some weight'

'I intend to shed some weight'

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'I intend to shed some weight'

Actress Pooja Gandhi feels that she is more confident about her body after she essayed a rather bold character in Dandupalya, where she played a victim of gang abuse.

She confesses that it is this confidence which prompted her to go for an item song in ‘Director’s Special’, where the moves and grooves are as sensuous as they can get. “What’s wrong in doing an item song? As an actress, I don’t want to restrict myself to doing only certain roles. I don’t think I should be choosy. This is the time to
experiment and explore the actor in me,” Pooja tells Metrolife.

Pooja will soon start shooting for Subhadra, where she plays a woman-centric character. “It’s a bold portrayal of the woman. There’s a lot of emotion that has gone into the character. We will start shooting soon,” she informs.   

Pooja has surely set tongues wagging with her item song in ‘Director’s Special’, but she points out that after ‘Dirty Picture’ and Kahaani, actress Vidya Balan has changed a lot of things for women in cinema. “She was so confident and open about her characters in the movies. She has raised the bar for women in cinema,” says Pooja and adds, “I’ve
always followed and admired Rani Mukerji. She has set new standards in Indian
cinema with her suggestive moves in Aiyyaa.”

And looks like Rani and her belly dancing in Aiyyaa has really inspired Pooja for she will soon sign up for belly- dancing classes. “I will have someone come home to teach me belly dancing. I’ve always wanted to learn the dance form but I think now is the right time,” notes Pooja.

And she hopes to hit the gym pretty soon to lose weight for an untitled film where she’s playing the role of a cop. “I play a cop and I want to look slim and trim in the uniform. I intend to shed some weight for the film, just to make sure I get my body language and style straight for a cop’s role,” she wraps up.