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Many of the Hindu prayers offer obeisance to Mother Earth, the representative of creation, fertility and fecundity.

She, as a goddess, is revered and respected. Vedas pay eulogy to the generous qualities of Mother Earth and a few shlokas seek her blessings, to bestow knowledge on human beings required to utilise the treasures of the Nature without disturbing the environmental balance.

But humans, in their avarice, have started exploiting Mother Earth, unmindful of the fact that only in her safety lies their safety.

Just as we love our mothers, we all should love our Earth with an equal or more zeal and respect, as she is Mother Earth. That principle holds good for all peoples, races, religions, colours, as we are similar in one respect - we all live on the Earth.

The Earth is called ‘Vasudha’ in Sanskrit. ‘Vasu’ meaning ‘wealth’ and ‘dha’ treasure chest - ie., a treasure chest of wealth. Wealth means all the resources the Earth gives us perennially and unconditionally.

When the Earth and the environment are loved and respected, it helps the global purpose, it benefits peoples and the planet. One must recognise and respect the Earth’s beautiful systems of eco-balance between humans and all other living organisms. One must be aware of all those actions which can disturb the primal balance in the creation.

We are all living on our blessed Mother Earth from which we get our nourishment, love, understanding and humility – all the beautiful attributes that we should imbibe from her.

The seasons teach us to understand the cycle of life, mutual dependence and respect, the unique importance of everything in the creation.

Only if we learn to understand the subtle messages and natural processes of the natural world, we will stop ecological destruction and wastage of resources. Modern technology has its importance, but not at the cost of Mother Earth.

“Only when the last tree has died and last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught, will we realise we cannot eat money.” This pertinent caution holds a frightening prophecy which can be defied only when we start respecting the Earth’s beautiful natural system.

“All individuals and institutions have a mutual responsibility to act as trustees of the Earth, seeking the choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, foster peaceful progress, awaken the wonder of life and realise the best potential for the future of the human adventure.”
Take care of the Earth. It is our home.

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