'I feel great coming back to Bangalore'

'I feel great coming back to Bangalore'

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'I feel great coming back to Bangalore'

With his aggressive batting and ease on the field, he proved that wicketkeepers can certainly be multi-dimensional.

Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist was in the City recently, addressing the media as a team member from the University of Wollongong and talking in length about his love for the game.

He reminisces about how he chose sports over academics. “I belong to a veryacademically-inclined family. Both my parents were teachers and my siblings went to various universities to pursue their higher studies. I had also applied to one — and got through — but then, I was offered a scholarship at a cricket academy in England. I took that up since I always wanted to be a cricketer. I made a clear choice and I guess youngsters today are also very clear about what they want to do,” he says.

He adds that he has had spells of disappointment career-wise — but they haven’t lasted long. “I thought my career had come to an end when I was knocked out of the under-19 team. But I managed to prove a point through my performance. My only advice to youngsters would be to make good decisions and be serious about what they would like to pursue. If they can balance both academics as well as sports, it would be great for their future. Today, the difference between people dreaming about making it big and those actually acquiring the goal is huge. Most lose focus in the middle due to rejection, injury etc. This should not bog down a passionate player,” he advises.

He adds, “Today, players are being given many opportunities to study and learn — they can even do part-time jobs if they want to. Youngsters should know the value of education and as leaders in various fields, we should guide them.”

Adam, known for his wicketkeeping abilities, explains “A wicketkeeper should add value to the team. I think every team should make sure that their wicketkeepers meet their standards. If a keeper is constantly dropping catches, it does not add any value to the team. Today, we see many spin-bowlers bowling fast balls and many fast-bowlers hitting sixes — so, everybody is multi-dimensional.”

Ask him to choose between test cricket and the T-20 format and he says, “I don’t have anything against the current format of the game — it’s just that I feel test cricket is a marvellous format and I am sure many players would agree with me.

One-day and T-20 formats are very competitive but test cricket is an absolute masterpiece. The sport is changing rampantly and experimentation is part and parcel of the game.”

He has some very special memories of the City and says that coming back to
Bangalore has always been special to him. “I feel great coming back to Bangalore. The
hospitality here has been amazing as always. We have played some matches here in the stadium — some of them have been great for us and others haven’t gone so well. But every time I come here, I feel welcomed and happy,” notes Adam.