Soak up the joys of learning

Soak up the joys of learning

Soak up the joys of learning

Kamsale Kaisale is perhaps Nagabharana’s first original work after Janumada Jodi, though the plot may suggest otherwise.

Madhava (Master Snehith), a schoolboy, is attracted to the sounds made by Kamsale (cymbals). His preoccupation enrages his father (Nagabharana), who throws them away. Soon, the boy goes on a school trip and gets lost in the wilderness.

Madhava wanders in the forest, falls into a pit and is woken up by sounds again, of Kamsale. This time, his prayers are answered— in the form of Devara Gudda Madaiah (Sridhar) and his “shishu makkalu”, all practitioners of Kamsale and on their way to Mahadeshwara Betta.

Madhava, now called Madesha, shows an aptitude towards learning Kamsale. Madaiah is ready to teach him, but this is frowned upon by Chikkamada, who is jealous of the ‘outsider’. Tricks and remorse follow while the group progresses towards its destination. Back home, Madhava’s friends and family are a worried lot - till they find his uniform.

The police assure them that the intact clothing means the boy is alive, and the search intensifies. Madaiah and his band reach Mahadeshwara Betta. So do Madhava’s parents. Is it a happy reunion or a clash of identities?

Kamsale Kaisale, on the surface, seems to be a boy’s journey of self-discovery, of freedom from his ‘oppressive’ father’s clutches. But the film showcases the joys of learning, and of faith unfettered by orthodox thinking. The film rides on Sridhar’s experienced dancer’s shoulders and nimble feet.

Sridhar brings all the naive wisdom and later on, the vulnerability of simple folk, intent on passing on their knowledge and thereby, the rich cultural heritage of the land, to anyone deemed fit to carry on the tradition. Snehith is overshadowed by others, including Master Chiranjeevi, but his earnestness carries the day for the boy.

Another hero of the film is cinematographer Anant Urs whose camera brings alive Mahadeshwara Betta, Biligiri Rangana Betta and surrounding areas. The climax seems abrupt but the entire journey more than makes up for the disappointment.