Garbage collection is matter of concern: Nobel laureate

The Nobel Laureate Professor Douglas Osheroff said the garbage collection in India is a matter of concern as Indians produce lots of things that should not to go into environment.

Speaking to media persons after interacting with the students and faculty of the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) as a part of the global Honeywell Initiative for Science and Engineering program, the Nobel Laureate said the population in India is enormous.

The number of mouths to feed is also another matter of challenge in India. As a country, India has lots of challenges, people here are bright and capable. The issue of ground water contamination in India also needs immediate attention.

Stating that there are good physicists in India, Osheroff said lot of them end up in US. The physicists in India have gone on to become professors.

India is very large country and education here is bright. However, the students who are educated here find good opportunities abroad. Theoretical aspects of learning science in India are par with global standards. However, India’s scientific capacities have its drawback in the area of experimental research.

There is no much of experimental research happening in India. Citing the lack of experimental study as one of the cause behind Indians scientists not receiving Nobel Prize, the scientist said there is no much technology here.

Stating that the research and development in physics as a very complicated issue, he said physicists generally do not do research and development. India is in good position when it comes to R and D.

Asserting that his work on Helium-3 does not help commercial applications, the scientist added that it is an unusual property and the study was taken up in the direction of understanding nature’s properties. He added that he enjoyed playing around the lab and had great time. The considerations for qualifying for Nobel Prize is not how hard one works, instead it is something that how well one works and what is his work, he said.

The Nobel Laureate was very much happy with the response he received while interacting with the students. He said the questions raised by the students were really good. The young people should take interest in science. He said India is a wonderful and a crowded country. It is a beautiful land and Indian art and music is interesting. In fact he was excited to reveal his experience of being photographed with Taj Mahal.

He did not forget to add that religion is a very interesting issue in India. He also shared the details of his interaction and bonding with former Indian president Abdul Kalam. The physicist’s some of the earlier visits to India was part of the global Honeywell initiative.

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