Floods hit their career too

Floods hit their career too

Students need money to get certificates, records lost in the rain havoc

A boy searching for his textbooks in front of his collapsed house in Chintamanadoddi, Sindhanur on Tuesday. DH photo

His worry is compounded by the fact that all his education records - including his SSLC marksheet - have been washed away.

While his parents worry about rebuilding their house, Venkatesh will have to regain his academic records. For, the SSLC marks card is an important document a student needs; it even serves as proof of one’s birth date. Obtaining a duplicate from the Karnataka Secondary Education and Examination Board requires money; it is also a time-consuming process.

Venkatesh said, “I am studying in a government college of Manvi. I have to go back to my school, to approach the Board for a duplicate marks card.”

Many in the village have lost school records, land records, and most importantly, BPL cards which serve as a proof to claim compensation for their losses. Chintamanadoddi, on the banks of Tungabhadra river, is one of the worst hit villages. Of about 150 houses in the village, only four are intact; 50 cattle heads died; all of them are buried in the village.
On Tuesday, villagers were busy looking for valuables in the place where once their houses stood. “When the water flowed into our houses we had no time to collect our belongings,” said Gangamma, who was searching for utensils.

Students have lost their textbooks and notes. “It is very difficult to prepare the notes once again,” rued Ramesh a PUC student of a college in Tumkur. He had returned to the village for Dasara vacations when the floods occurred.  

Holegowdar, sat over the roof of his neighbour’s house for 24 hours and braved the heavy rains even as most of the villagers fled to safety. “I did not want to leave my place and my belongings. Yet, I could not save anything,” he said. His house has collapsed.
Almost all in the village have lost their land records. Mariyappa and Petarappa owned land. But, now neither of them have records to claim ownership. “We have lost BPL cards. Without cards we don’t get foodgrain in the fair price shops. It is a tough task to get cards once again,” said Ravi Kumar.

The villagers are aware that securing these records is an Herculean task. They want the government to cut short the procedure and fee for getting copies of their records. At the moment, all they want is shelter and food. The villagers are camping in the godown of landlord Hiregowda. The government is supplying them with groceries for two meals a day.