Garbage mess continues to dog Hassan town

Garbage mess continues to dog Hassan town

Municipality supposed to keep the town clean, throws up its hands

Garbage mess continues to dog Hassan town

This town has a very ingenious way of clearing garbage. The moment the residents of the areas dump the garbage into open spaces, the cows come and eat a part of it. The remaining garbage lies strewn around and nobody really cares.

The narrow streets, roads without drainages, garbage everywhere. This is the scene in this historic town as far as the memory goes. One begin to wonder why this callous attitude of the people’s representatives.

Or is it that the people themselves do not care and have learnt to live with the mess around them. Or is the immense patience of the citizens that the elected representatives are taking for granted.

The municipality which is supposed to keep the town clean, has thrown up its hands. Right next door to its office, tons of garbage has piled up and it is happily sleeping over it. When a leader is asked when they are going to get their act together all one gets is a wry smile and a categorical reply “It is never going to happen sir.” Hence, garbage pile is a permanent feature of Hassan.

In the old Hassan town, there is a pile of garbage next to Madina Shadi Mahal on Vallababai Road.  This road is a very narrow stretch. Next to the Mahal there is a vacant site. This place is also converted into an auto stand.


The residents of this area come and just throw the garbage in this place. People have to close their nose and walk on this road because of the stench it emanates.

“This garbage is not cleared every day. Early in the morning residents come and dump the garbage. Within no time, the stray cows come and eat up some of it and clear the mess. The remaining garbage just keeps lying there. It will be removed once in four to five days but the very next day it starts accumulating,” said an autorickshaw driver.

This sort of garbage is found in many places at a distance of every 50-100 metres. In some places the roads themselves are covered with garbage. What this town badly needs is an awareness about garbage and its clearance.