Repair pipelines near Infosys

I would like to bring it to the notice of the MCC that the road in front of Infosys leading to Kottara Chowki has been overflowing with water for the past eight months.

Perhaps the water pipes have cracked and the water has been gushing out in many places leading to the inconvenience of pedestrians and vehicle riders. We have patiently waited for the Corporation to repair the leaking pipes, but in vain. Eight months is a long period of time to repair something as major as leaking water pipes. The citizens of Mangalore want to know as to how the Corporation officials have let such precious water to be wasted for such a long period.  Whether MCC is waiting for the pipes to repair by themselves or perhaps for this leakage to celebrate anniversary!   

We want the Corporation to take serious note of the situation and take some prompt action regarding this situation.

Mamta Shanbhag,   Mangalore

When will MCC repair cross roads?

The MCC has provided us very good concretised roads almost in all major areas in City. But the other supplementary works like footpaths, drains are yet to be provided. In many places like Falnir, Bendur, Jeppu, Kankanady, Attavar, Nandigudda etc., people are facing lot of problems, especially senior citizens, as they can't walk freely on the side of these roads. Moreover, concretised roads are being cut and dug up at many places (recent one near Fr Muller’s Hospital) for carrying out drainage and water supply pipe fitting works.
It has been announced recently that some allotment has been given by the Government to carry out the remaining works like footpath, drains etc, but so far the work has not been taken up.

Meanwhile, City cross-roads in many places are completely deteriorated and are in worst condition. The interior roads that were asphalted during the last summer are in bad shape. The roads would not be damaged so soon if the work was proper. Its nothing but waste of tax-payers money by carrying out the road repair works often. The contractor concerned who has done the bad quality work should be made responsible. The Bishop Victor Road, Melinamogaru cross roads and the road in front of EPF office are few examples. Will the MCC take up the road repair works immediately?

J F D’Souza, Attavar

KSRTC     service         discourteous

I and my family members went to Mysore on November 3 by a non A/c sleeper bus of KSRTC, which left Mangalore at 10 pm. The bus stopped at a road side canteen at some unknown place near Madikeri in the midnight. No announcements were made to the passengers to ease themselves of nature call. The driver and the conductor got down from the bus and went for refreshments at midnight. There were many women passengers in the bus and they were feeling uneasy. I got down from the bus and enquired with the conductor whether we will be given time to use toilet at Madikeri Bus Station. The conductor said no and asked us to urinate at a bush near that canteen. We were really shocked and some ladies and men who had to attend nature’s call decided to ease themselves by the side of bushes. Unfortunately my nephew, who went there, sufferend an injury as he stepped on a glass piece in the dark. The bleeding continued for a while.

When we asked the conductor for First Aid, another shock was waiting for us, as there was no cotton or bandage though there was a First Aid Box.

While retuning from Mysore, also by the same KSRTC non A/c sleeper bus, we had to face certain difficulties. The bus entered Madikeri Bus Station at 1 am on November 5, and immediately left the Station. With previous night’s experience, I asked the driver to stop for few minutes enable the passengers to use the toilet there. He rudely refused and said we should have cleared our bowels before the bus left Mysore at 10.15 pm on November 4. What a wonderful advice and suggestion from the driver! Immediately myself and some other passengers protested and threatened that we would urinate in the bus itself. The driver relented and gave us time to use the toilets. The driver and the conductor of that bus, stopped the bus at the same roadside canteen and spent 10 minutes to have their refreshments in the midnight. We really wonder at the behavior of the bus staff in this regard. The KSRTC wishes its passengers a happy, comfortable and safe journey. But if anything happens during the journey, bus staff would not help us. Where is the comfort? No First Aid box. Where is the safety? Then, what is the use in preferring KSRTC buses to private service?

The Mangalore Divisional Controller owes an explanation to the public. I am told that this has become regular feature in KSRTC. The KSRTC staff should be trained to be helpful to the passengers.

Sukumar Talpady

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