Wards lacks basic infrastructure

Wards lacks basic infrastructure

Wards lacks basic infrastructure

 A total of 27 wards fall under the jurisdiction of the Town Municipal Council (TMC), but most suffer from a lack of  basic facilities.

The state of affairs is highlighted by the fact that there is no building for the TMC. Although it has been many years since the old building was razed to ground, work on new building has still not started.

The town, which is situated at the border area is backward in many ways. There is a lack of drinking water, no proper roads.

Water, which is available, is not fit for drinking. The only plus point here is that four national highways pass through this area.

Residents here revealed that the post of the junior engineer at the TMC was vacant for eight months. To temporarily correct this, the junior engineer of Malur has taken taken on  additional responsibilities here. But to date, he has not visited the office in Mulbagal.

Meetings and other works of TMC are conducted at the SJSRY building, which was constructed to organise the activities of women organisations. In addition to these problems, every three months there is a new Chief officer appointed. Roads have taken a turn as dumping grounds for garbage.

Sulabh toilets were built by the TMC, in front of Bescom office one year ago. But it is still locked and people have taken to using the place adjacent the place as a toilet. Garbage is strewn all over the roads.

Roads near Anjaneyaswamy temple, bus stop, Bazar Road, MC Road, in front of court building, Byappalli Road, Old Madras Road are full of pits, inconveniencing people. Thepits also have led to accidents.

“People’s representatives and officers have not taken any action, despite repeated requests,” said residents.