Mellifluous voices win hearts

Mellifluous voices win hearts

Mellifluous voices win hearts

The adage ‘Music is food for the soul’ came true at the musical event that was held at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, recently.

Pandit M Venkatesh Kumar and the Hindustani vocal singer Girija Devi delighted the audience with their rich singing deeply synchronised with devotion. The hall was so jam-packed that audience had to sit on the floor as well.

M Venkatesh Kumar, who specialises in kirana and the Gwalior gharana style mesmerised the audience with his rustic mellifluous voice. Between the songs, the singer had a small interaction with the audience. He said, “I am scared to perform in front of the legendary musicians present here.”

The artiste’s simplicity added to his charm and won the hearts of the
audience.Ravi Shankar, a member of the audience, said, “Venkatesh Kumar was amazing. He presented his mastery in the  art form. This kind of maturity in voice comes from rigorous practice. The artiste has dedicated his life for music.”

The evening was followed by another musical recital by the Thumri queen from Banaras, Girija Devi, who is 83- years-old.

Her voice was strong and the nuances of music were displayed at various levels. She said, “There is no age for music; singing is beyond any such limitations. I have come to Bangalore exclusively for this concert, and Bangaloreans are so supportive that I will happily sing for them at any age.”

Girija Devi maintained the emotional connect with the audience throughout her performance.

The audience was so completely engrossed that they were tapping their hand and feet to the rhythm. The blend of harmonium, veena, and tabla added to the singers’ strength. Every musical instrument was played for the audience.

Latha, who had come for the concert said, “The singing and delivery of the music was excellent. The singer’s voice has great depth, and yet, surprisingly precise. Girija Devi sang the most difficult songs with great ease. It is amazing that the singer is so energetic even at this age.”

Rohan, a budding Hindustani vocalist, said, “Both the singers were amazing. I am learning Hindustani classical music, and today I was overwhelmed to see the artistes performing so well.

I have learnt a lot, I got to see how good a singer can actually be. This has motivated me to work harder and one day I aspire to sing as well as them.”

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