A sad state of affairs

A sad state of affairs

A sad state of affairs

The floors of the buses plying in the City are so dirty that those who travel by these on a regular basis have been having a hard time.

Added to that, a spell of rain is enough to make the journey a messy affair. As a result of this, people travelling to their work places or to a formal occasion often reach their destination in a bad state.

Lavanya, who commutes to work by bus, says that there is always a thick layer of dust on bus floors.

“It is alright if one is going to the market, but if you are working in a corporate firm and travelling by bus everyday, it is tough. The clothes turn dirty by the time you step out. I am sure no one wants to get to their work place like that. I try not to travel by bus when I am going for a wedding, party or a special ceremony,” she says.

But many people don’t have a choice and have to take the public transport. Some suggest that buses should be cleaned on a regular basis.

 “Laying a mat near the entrance of the bus or having dustbins inside the bus can help  reduce this problem,” says Manish, a professional.

Nagaraj, the chief traffic manager of BMTC, says, “We outsource the job and everyday, the buses are cleaned and swept before they are brought to the bus stand. We have people designated to do this and buses are cleaned on a regular basis,” he informs.

Despite cleaning the buses everyday, there is too much dust on the floor and trash lying in every nook and corner of the bus. Some people say they cover their face when they are inside the bus.

“I am allergic to dust and travelling by bus is a task for me everyday. Leave alone the dust outside, the dust inside the bus is so much that despite covering my nose, I keep sneezing throughout the journey. One who is allergic can easily fall ill.

The least the BMTC can do is to get the buses cleaned at least once in two or three days so that people like us, who have health problems, can travel in peace,” says Pratibha, a student.

Many point out that when it rains, even a small gap in the roof of the bus leads to a lot of mess.

“The floors become so messy as the rainwater often trickles inside. And if the bus is crowded, one is sure to step out with a dirty pair of footwear and clothes. Maybe we should start carrying an extra pair of clothes or footwear on a rainy day.

It is very embarrassing to turn up at a formal event in dirty clothes and footwear,” says Subhash, a student.

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