Don't be a bookworm!

Don't be a bookworm!


an I ever enjoy studying?’ is a question that troubles most students. Some claim, ‘I cannot recall anything that I studied just an hour ago.’  I had the same experience. I have devised a few methods to deal with the difficulties that arise while poring over textbooks.

A smart plan is the first step to effective studying. Planning includes deciding on the time and duration of study, the subjects that require more-than-usual attention and the amount of rest you require. Do not overindulge in your favourite subjects. Allocate time according to your needs. Vary your schedule to make studies more interesting and effective.

Adolescents go through periods of extreme emotional turmoil. Problems arising out of pent-up feelings and sudden outbursts of anger, frustration, anxiety, fear or peer pressure need to be addressed. Emotional instability affects memory and concentration levels. A break can help you focus better.

You also need to address problems that you carry from your past. They could be difficulties you faced in childhood or a negative experience with a teacher. Hurt feelings, buried deep within, rankle from time to time. A person torn between the demands of the present and the memories of the past cannot tackle the challenges of studies, let alone enjoy studying. So, drop that baggage. Many youngsters suffer from an inferiority complex. Such a complex is sure to affect your studies. Concentration and retention of what is learnt needs a great deal of self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself and in your ability to tackle challenges.

You are bound to feel the pressure to do well from parents, teachers, neighbours and others. Their advice can help you to weigh your options wisely. Accept advice that will benefit you.

When you find that you cannot study at a particular time, when you think you need some extra help in studying, when you’d like to play for a little longer or go for an outing with your friends, express your wish to your parents and teachers. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up within. Keep lines of communication with parents and teachers open.

Studying becomes taxing unless you make your study methods and schedules interesting. Plan your studies, banish negative thoughts, learn to say ‘I can’, and speak to your parents and teachers. These steps will help you  just as they helped me. Studying can be very satisfying.