A study in subtle expressions

A study in subtle expressions

A study in subtle expressions

The saying, ‘Dance like nobody is watching’, was efficiently implemented by Aakash Odedra at Ravindra Kalakshetra during a recent dance extravaganza. The dance styles that were performed were exceptionally creative.

Topics pertaining to astrophysics — such as constellations — were explored through dance forms. The event was held by the British Council, collaborating with international choreographers to create transformational world-class dance theatre performances.
There were four types of dance performances choreographed by Aakash Odedra, Akram Khan, Russel Malliphant and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

One of the themes explored was ‘In The Shadow of Man’, choreographed by Akram Khan. The dancers used a variety of movements to express the animal nature within man.

Talking about the theme, the choreographer, Akram Khan, says, “I have always felt a strong connection to the animal embedded within the Indian dance tradition. Kathak masters have so often used animals as forms of inspiration — even to the point of creating a whole repertoire based on the qualities, movements, and rhythms of certain animals.”

The dancer Aakash’s movements on stage were so rapid that the audience had a tough time keeping up with his pace. Sowmya, an audience member, says, “The dance styles were excellent. We used to see these kinds of performances only on television.

Witnessing such dance forms is very exciting — I am happy that I did not miss it.”
In the fourth act, the lighting was used efficiently to portray the theme of constellations. The aura of the sky and the stars was recreated on the stage. Appreciating this, Susheela, another audience member, says, “The constellation theme was exceptionally well done. It was unique and unimaginable. What I really liked is the delicate way of choreography, subtle things and minor movements which are usually ignored; here, all of them were highlighted to create a dominant dance form.”

The rehearsal director for the programme, Lewis Major, from the UK, says, “Today, the show was on fire! Everything went according to the plan. And I am glad to see so many Indians experimenting with dance forms; they are using various contemporary dance styles. Bangalore, especially, has been very supportive of any kind of dance — it is the best destination in India to experiment, I would say.”