Entrepreneur streak
Mohit and his brother, who have a health store in Delhi, are now planning to open the second chain in Mumbai. Besides acting, the actor is also looking at promoting something that he strongly believes in, which is a healthy lifestyle.

Mohit says, “Since my childhood, I have been following a very healthy diet. I have always been particular about my diet and keep on learning new forms of work out.” “I also feel that people living in metros miss out on healthy food, as they are always in a hurry. The Delhiites have become fond of the one-stop-shop concept, so we thought of giving the same experience to Mumbaikars.” Well, well, talk about brain and brawns.

Struggling to survive
Sony Entertainment Television presents 'Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai' on October 8 at 10 pm. The three sisters ask Pakiya if they can stay in the basti and he agrees. The next day, Kanchan goes looking for a job but finds nothing. Disheartened, she decides that she will have to beg for survival. Shamoli disagrees and promises herself that she will return to Siliguri with money but will never beg.

Kanchan is trained by the local basti people to beg. Next day, Kanchan goes to beg and with the little money she makes, the sisters call their mother back in Siliguri. Their mother is happy to hear from them and hopes that all is good with her kids, hiding from her children that she is unwell. Even the girls lie to the mother that all is well.

Monkey business
Remember the scene where a monkey pulls off a perfect Nazi salute in the first Indiana Jones adventure? The monkey raising his paw and saying Heil Hitler is one of Spielberg’s favourite scenes in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The scene was conceptualised by George Lucas.

Producer Frank Marshall said that they got the monkey to do the Nazi salute by putting a grape on a fishing pole and getting the monkey to reach for the grape, which was dangling just out of camera range.

This took about 50 takes before it actually looked like a Nazi salute and the triumphant monkey was sent away, the grape firmly clasped in his hands. Watch the famous Nazi salute by Mr Monkey and the rest of the movie of course, on October 10 at 9 pm on Star Movies.

Soaking up the sun
Bridget Marquardt ventures outside the Playboy Mansion to discover the beautiful beaches of the world in this new series, Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches of Discovery Travel and Living.

From the busy streets of Barcelona, to the elegant rocky shores of Costa Brava, and even the party capital of Ibiza, the show follows Bridget as she immerses herself in the local beach culture.

This week’s highlights include touring Barcelona by scooter, enjoying beautiful Mallorca by helicopter, exploring Salvador Dali’s home in Costa Brava, dining with the locals on the cliffs of Cadaques, as well as wakeboarding, partying and experiencing the topless culture in Ibiza. The programme airs on October 8 at 10 pm.