Some ideas for your upholstery

Some ideas for your upholstery

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Some ideas for your upholstery

It’s year-end, and you are tired of looking at the same sofa cushions and covers. Guests are streaming in for festivals and you are wondering how to give your furniture a new brighter look. Thankfully, furniture is not a dead piece of equipment in your drawing room anymore.

Follow the latest fashion in upholstery, and you can make them the most stunning fixtures at your residence. A little bit of creativity and hardwork, and you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Experts say that one should choose their upholstery depending on their decor. The colour of the curtains, walls and the theme of interiors should be kept in mind while purchasing pieces of upholstery. Punam Kalra, creative director, I’m, The Centre for Applied Arts, says, “If, say, you have a classical decor, then you should go for silk, brocade and baroque cushions and covers. Depending on the number of sets of furniture you have, the covers can be in contrasting pastel, bright and off-white colours. For example, one set of furniture could be in burgundy, the other in white completely.”

“The furniture polish could be red one and instead of the regular browns you could go for distressed furnishes like white and antique. This would complete your classical interior look.”

As for modern interiors, Punam recommends, “Keeping the walls silent, that is either white or a neutral shade, go for solid colours in upholstery. You can go for reds, blacks and deep blues. Your furniture could also be in metal instead of wood which goes perfectly with modern interiors. For furniture fabric, use velvet and leather to enhance the decor.”

Anju Kumar of Anmol Creations says, “In this season of festivals, go for metallic hues like antique golds, dull silver, burnt oranges, copper etc. in your cushions. When contrasted with bright colours like crimson, turquoise and vermillion on the sofa cover or the carpet or curtains, they look really good. Use a lot of tissue textured cloth as it adds to the charm.”

“In the exposed woodwork, try textured finishes through leafing. The same can be bought from the market and done by you at home. It works wonders for your interiors.”