Many talents on display

Many talents on display

Taru Samskriti

The Commerce, Science and BCA Departments held their fests over a period of three days. Each department had its own theme, venue and a different set of crowd. The college was filled with students from across the country.

 The Commerce Department’s fest was called Samanvaya and its theme was Business in Politics. All the events were centred around the aspects of politics. Around 13 commerce colleges from all over India participated in the fest.

Some of the major events of Samanvaya were Black Mist, Battling Front, Battle of the Chiefs and so on. The students were seen participating in huge numbers. There was a lot of cheering for the participants from their fellow classmates. Battling Front was the most crowded where the participants were seen marketing their political party, making agendas, conducting rallies and other campaigns for their party.

 The second day of Samanvaya began with a lot of fervour and anticipation as the crowds and the participants were eager to compete in the myriad events ranging from the Battle of the Chiefs — which was the finance event — to Black Mist which was the headline event trying to find the political protagonist. The overall winners were St Xavier’s College from Kolkata.

Login was the annual IT Fest organised by the BCA Department. The mantra of the fest was Revel in the Revolution. Around 22 colleges from across the City participated. There was a blend of seven events which were both on and off stage. Some of the events like Fix IT was a competition to bring out the human compiler in the participants. Humour Net was an event where the participants had to advertise IT products.

Surana College and City College emerged as the overall winners in this section. Deepa from Surana College said, “The fest was very good. My entire college is happy as we are the over all winners.”

Vismaya was the Science Department’s fest. It was of State level and the events were very much restricted to the science crowd alone. Some of the events were quiz, debate, just a minute (JAM) and many more. Natasha a participant from Christ university said, “The fest was good. We had a lot of fun and participated in many events.”