A dream comes true

A dream comes true

A dream comes true

It was Shankar Nag’s dream to see the Metro running in Bangalore and now that it has been fulfilled, at least in parts, many in the film industry still remember the dream.

Producer Shivkumar Sajjan along with director M G Raju wanted to pay a tribute to the actor and his dream through the movie ‘Bangalore Metro’.

“It was the producer’s idea actually, as he is a big fan of the actor. So we immediately
started working on the script and revolved the story around the Bangalore Metro, which was Shankar Nag’s dream,” says the director.

Raju is quick to clarify that he film is not based on the actor or his life. “It is just about this dream. The protagonist in this movie is a big fan of Shankar Nag and takes many instances from the actor’s life and movies to solve his own problems and hurdles,” adds Raju. The shoot for the movie started a year ago on Shankar Nag’s birth anniversary. Now it is 70 per cent complete. Raju has no regrets about not shooting at the Metro Station. “We really wanted to shoot at the station but we never got permission. It’s sad because it would have added to the movie,” he adds.

Apart from the Metro, instances from Shankar Nag’s movies have also been used in the film. In fact, there is a song dedicated to the auto drivers of Karnataka, the CD which was freely distributed to auto drivers on Shankar Nag’s birth anniversary recently.

“The song is written by Nagendra Prasad and composed by AT Ravish. It is called Autone Devaru. Many of the auto drivers really liked it,” he adds.

The film stars Naveen Krishna in the main role while Hardhika Shetty plays the female lead. “After Dhimaku I would say this is a dream film for me. We have not used any cheap gimmicks. It is a team effort,” sums up Naveen.