Exam graffiti deface college walls; classrooms develop cracks

Exam graffiti deface college walls; classrooms develop cracks

Painting halted

Exam graffiti deface college walls; classrooms develop cracks

The walls of the classrooms in Government College for Boys, Kolar, present a unique appearance. They have texts written on them by ‘ingenious’ students to help them copy during the examinations.

The  college the centre for the ongoing examination for distance education courses of the Bangalore University. Several students were caught copying during a the examination.

The scribblings on the walls were of help to students who appeared for the examination on the last occasion. However, the students found the situation ‘tricky.’

Teachers’ hand

Several lecturers too found that the situation needs to be changed and the present ‘conducive environment’ for examination should be altered at the earliest. The walls have not been painted so far.

While the exterior walls of the educational institution have been painted, the interiors continue with writings on them. Water seeps in some classrooms and some have developed cracks.

The repair work is taken up in only some classrooms. The pillars of the corridor have been scraped for painting but left as such. The new  ‘colour combination’ has given the college a weird look.

Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance - repairs and painting - of the government buildings. The department has displayed negligence in discharging its responsibility as far as the college building is concerned.

It took its own time in constructing a compound wall around the school and the college authorities had to write repeatedly to the Department for see that the task is completed. Without en enclosure, the college had turned out to be a public urinal.

Nine-lakh project

The work now going on, is taken under a Rs nine-lakh action plan prepared for painting and minor repairs  for the building. However, the work is not in progress now.

The building was painted with dark blue colour earlier, and replaced later after it was pointed out that the colour does not suit for the building of an educational institution.

The half-painted walls, scrapped pillars, patches of cement plasters have marred the appearance of the college building. The work need to be expedited at the earliest.