'Movements have lost meaning'

Though Karnataka Raitha Chalavali has completed 33 years, the life of farmers continues to be in trouble. Educated people act as if they have nothing to do with the woes of farmers, opined thinker Chukki Nanjundaswamy.

He was speaking on ‘Raitha Chalavali’ (farmer movement) during a session on Community movements organised as a part of ‘Alva’s Nudisiri 2012’ at Vidyagiri in Moodbidri on Saturday.

Chukki Nanjundaswamy said that according to the government sources, more than 2 lakh
farmers have been committed suicide in the State since 1995. Now the farmers’ market is buyers’ market. Because of unscientific support price system, middlemen play with the life of farmers. In a State like Jarkhand, farmers don’t have enough food for their living, she said.

She said that the British rules continue to be in force with new names. Farmers are still considered as third grade citizens after urban and industrial workers. There is a systematic plan to occupy farm land.

The parliamentary committee had suggested taking people’s opinion before implementing FDI in retail, but it has not been done. However, in spite of the hurdles, farmers’ movement is still alive. But there is an urgency of creating awareness among youth. They should develop a character of responding to their problems, she opined.

Women’s movement

Speaking on women’s movement, Writer and Karnataka Police Academy Deputy Director Dharanidevi Malagatti said that women’s movement started during Vachana Chaluvali itself, but it was not discussed because of religious reasons.

“The movement was started by Rajaram Mohan Roy and Eshwarchandra Chattopadhyaya. Later Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya and Pandit Ramabai of Karkala lead the movement. Dr B R Ambedkar tried to create awareness about women’s rights, but his dream of implementing the Hindu Code Bill failed. The society was not matured enough to understand his thoughts,” she said.

Emphasizing the role of media in women’s movement, Dharanidevi opined that media has failed to discuss serious issues effectively. “Intervention of media resulted in diverse effect many times. Media didn’t show interest in following an incident and showing the result. Sometimes opinion differences resulted in clashes,” she added.

Dharanidevi Malagatti opined that the slogan like ‘Nanna deha nanna swatthu’ (My body my asset) is not suitable for female as body is not a goods. “Opinions should not harm relations and feelings should be valued,” she added.

Envt movement

Speaking on Environment movement, Environmentalist Suresh Heblikar expressed apprehension on whether environmental movement has any base now. “Now youth don’t have interest in agriculture and the movement has lost its objectives. With the culture, we have received foreign culture. Globalization and open marketing have blinded us and life style has changed. We can’t fight against everyone,” he rued.

‘Useless movements’

Meanwhile, Heblikar mocked at modern way of environmental movements. “Nothing will change by forming human chain or ‘run for environment’ kind of movements. These are done for rich and not for the land or environment. The basic idea about the environment moment itself is lost,” he said.

Industrialist country like United States of America also could not provide employment to its citizens. It is a matter of concern. Bangalore has population of around 80 lakh and 40 lakh vehicles.

Earth has certain limits and our economy is depended on this. No country can be rich if environment gets polluted like this, he said.

“Twenty years ago environment movement was just to create awareness, but now it is serious. Environment diversity is affected. People are facing scarcity of drinking water. But without understanding the concept, we can not do anything,” Heblikar added.

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