A nightmare of a stretch

The Metro route from Indiranagar to Halasuru has become quite tough to travel — there is plenty of dirt and dust on this stretch, since huge mounds of soil have been dumped under the Metro bridge. They have been lying there for the last 15 days or so. This has added to the air pollution in the area, inconveniencing motorists as well as pedestrians who use that road on a daily basis.

Huge heaps of soil dumped between the Metro stretch of Indiranagar and Halasuru. Bangaloreans who travel that route complain that it is extremely unhealthy and can turn out to be risky for those who have respiratory illness.

Ravi Prakash, manager, public relations, BMRCL, says that he is not aware of the fact that soil has been dumped on that stretch. “I have no clue why so much soil has been dumped under the bridge — it has not been done by the BMRCL,” he maintains.

Ashwin, who travels to his work place down this stretch, says that it is a genuine concern for motorists as the dust and dirt are intolerable. “I take that route everyday to work. I have to cover my face and nose with a thick cloth so that the dust does not enter my lungs. However, all that goes in vain as the entire road is covered with dust. By the time I reach office, my hair and neck are covered with dust. I have been compelled to change my route due to the dust on that stretch,” he informs.

These mounds of soil were dumped during Dasara. With time, they have spilled over to the streets, causing immense pollution and discomfort to Bangaloreans.

The stretch is a busy area, lined up with many eateries and shops. While the eateries continue to cook and serve food, shopkeepers have to dust and sweep their floors continuously. Naresh, a shopkeeper, says that keeping the shop clean is a task due to the dirt outside. “We have to keep sweeping and mopping the floors — there is no other option. Customers walk in with a lot of dirt and since it is a busy area, a speeding vehicle often brings in a lot of dirt too. We have to bear with this till these heaps are cleared,” he informs.

The eateries, on the other hand, are doing brisk business and people don’t mind eating in these unhygienic conditions. “We can’t close the shop and wait for the Metro officials to clear these heaps. We have no space inside the shop. Moreover, people don’t mind eating the food,” points out Kumar, a food vendor.

Pedestrians taking that route can often be seen covering their faces while crossing over to the other side. However, the Metro as well as the civic authorities have
turned a blind eye towards the problem.

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