42 unnatural deaths in Udupi since 2 weeks

Is Udupi district becoming a hub for suicidal tendency? An average two people have committed suicide every day leading to more than 40 unnatural deaths recorded in the district since two weeks.

The sources in district SP office said that around 42 unnatural deaths have been recorded in the district on police records, of which, more than 27 are suicide cases. There are possibilities of having suicide cases that have gone unnoticed.

Majority of suicides were by alcohol addicts, especially men. These people lost their lives only for the minor stress that they could not bear. The alcoholics had their own reasons like financial burden, unemployment, poverty, rejection from their loved ones and so on.

In fact, the district is sharing the credit of having the highest number of suicide cases recorded, similar to Kerala. Kerala too has reported many number of suicide cases in the entire country. Whether the socio-cultural background has something to do with this suicidal phenomenon, is a big question.

Well known Psychiatrist Dr P V Bhandari told Deccan Herald that there are three types of disorders that provoke a human being to commit suicide. They are psychiatric disorder, adjustment disorder and alcoholic disorder. Of all these, probably the use of alcohol directly or indirectly leads to suicide.

Across the globe, nearly 35 per cent of the total suicide cases are due to alcohol. The people directly or indirectly affected take extreme steps. Any person who tells that he will commit suicide should not be taken lightly. He should be immediately subjected to counseling. We should not ignore him or her, he stressed.

Most of the time, loneliness and inferiority complex and also desperateness leads towards suicide, he said.

Besides suicide, unnatural deaths under mysterious circumstances have also been reported. Nearly five to six fishermen have lost their lives in the sea during this period. These expert swimmers were helpless before the rough waves of the sea that took their lives.

Deaths are also reported at the construction sites, where three men lost lives while working in the construction sites. The increasing number of accidents is another bane that has added to the count. Nearly five to six people have lost their lives following accidents in various regions in the district. A person died after he fell from a tree.

Sadly, the district has accounted for the highest number of unnatural deaths in the short span of 15 days. The alarming matter is that the rich and literate district is also finding its place on the chart of highest number of suicide cases, following which, the situation calls all responsible public in the district to give a thought for.

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