'It's more like a family'

'It's more like a family'

Founders Day

'It's more like a family'

The CMR Group of Institutions have a distinct style in all their celebrations.

The institution recently celebrated its founder’s day and the management left
no stone unturned to acknowledge everybody who helped build the
institution, including the teaching and the non-teaching staff.

The celebrations that were spread over two-days had the entire CMR family come together.

 It was celebrated in a unique way with a concert by Sangeeta Katti which literally set the tone for the evening.

Sangeeta Katti, a classical vocalist put together, Sangeet Sarita, which is a journey of Indian classical raga as seen through Indian cinema.

Talking about Sangeet Sarita, Sangeeta says, “I have explored 16 different ragas and drawn a parallel to Indian cinema.

   It is an attempt to keep the tradition of Indian classical music alive, at a time when classical music is being mixed with fusion.”

Sangeeta presented yaman raga and pahadi raga where she very patiently interspersed her recital with an explantation about each of the ragas.

The management acknowledged teachers who have completed five, ten and 15 years experience with the CMR Group of Institutions. The newlyweds were also honoured on the occasion.

Dr Sabitha Ramamurthy of the CMR Group says, “It’s more like a family. The institutions have grown a lot. Today, we would like to move on to focus on computerisation of the entire administration so that our teaching staff who are also doing some administrative work, can focus more on enhancing the quality of teaching.”   
K C Ramamurthy, chairman was seen interacting with people and making sure the invitees got a seat and were comfortable.

 Ramamurthy says, “Founder’s Day is a time for the management and teachers re-dedicate themselves to improving the quality of education imparted to the students.

We are also focusing on building our CMR Life Skills Institute where the students will be trained to handle the overall life situation. We want to churn out students who have sound values and a commitment towards the country.” 

Nandini Nagaraj, principal of the pre-university college, says that she has been working there for 18 years.

 “I have literally seen the institution grow and this is one of the few places where you find quality and quantity. Even after all these years, the excitement and the energy remains the same,” says Nandini.  

The awardees were more than excited to share their experience and talk about how they’ve also grown, in the process.

Pooja Shrivastav, lecturer with the computer department who was awarded for completing five years says, “I started my career here and each day has been a learning experience. I’ve also grown as a person.”

 Pushpalatha B N with the examination branch, who was also given five-year service award, says, “My experience has been a combination of learning and teaching.”

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