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Dear Sir,

I am a Class X student studying under the CBSE board. After Class X, I wish to take up the Science stream. But then, my parents are forcing me to go in for Commerce. I am entirely confused about what to do. I am excellent in studies. Other than that, I am also very good in dance, singing, sports, communication skills, art and almost all the other fields.

Can you please guide me and suggest some careers that I can pursue?

Aditi Zawar

Dear Aditi,

You are right in first exploring what career would suit you most, and accordingly deciding whether you should study Science or commerce for your +2.  Since you like Science and your parents prefer Commerce, it becomes important that you select what long term career would suit you most based on your aptitude, interests, lifestyle, etc. 

If unable to come to a consensus you can take up an aptitude test conducted by many institutions in Bangalore and elsewhere, such as Banjara Academy (www.banjaraacademy.org), Promise Foundation, Manasa Academy, Young Buzz etc.  The other option would be that since you are good in your studies, take up Science at the +2 level, and you can have all options open, to decide after another year what you would like to pursue.

Dear Sir,

I am a PUC II Science student. I scored 93% in Class X, ICSE board exams. I have been doing well in PU also. I took up Science because my dad wants me to do Engineering but I don’t see that happening. I have a penchant for journalism and have set my heart on it. I take part in all literary activities and have emerged successful. Anchoring, debates and extempore are my forte. I have also penned articles and stories and sent a few of them to magazines.

I am confused about what I should do to pursue my passion. What course should I opt for and which college should I join? Also, my dad has given in to my dreams but he is worried if journalism will fetch me enough money to survive.

Rupali H Iyengar

Dear Rupali,

It is a pleasure to see your deep interest and passion towards journalism.  With this determination and talent, you will certainly be successful.  Salaries of journalists in both print and electronic media have already gone up substantially, and will continue to increase, so do not worry about your earning.  Your two years of studying science will not be a waste if you now switch over to a degree with a combination of subjects like journalism, mass communication, communicative English, psychology, sociology etc.  Then you can take up a specialisation at the post graduate level and make a very successful career in mass communication.

Dear Sir,

I am pursuing a Diploma in Special Education. I have chosen cerebral palsy as my subject. We had many choices, like autism, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities. Now, one of my senior college mates tells me that I should have chosen autism. However, I can’t change my subject now. I am worried that I might have made the wrong choice of subject. What should I do now?


Dear Anonymous,

First of all, hearty congratulations for having chosen such a meaningful field and for committing yourself to children with special needs.  You will find your career very meaningful.  Once you enter into the field of special education, you can go on adding skills and qualifications, and gaining practical experience.  There is great need and scope in development of spastic children (with cerebral palsy), and you will find the work quite satisfying. Later, you can also add to your expertise in autism, learning disabilities, Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, or even multiple disabilities as you go along, since most institutions work with children with different challenges.  You have certainly not made a wrong choice – get fully involved in your course and your vocation.

Dear Sir,

I am in the second year of B.Sc (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology). I would like to pursue an M.Sc degree in Chemistry or Biotechnology in an Indian university. Which are the entrance exams that I am supposed to appear for? Which are the Universities, for which I need to apply separately? I also want to know about the job opportunities after the M.Sc course.


Dear Anonymous

Since you have been studying science subjects over many years, firstly make a decision whether you would like to make your future in chemistry or in biotechnology (and if it is the latter, whether you prefer genetics, microbiology, biochemistry etc.) Also decide whether you would like to be in the field of research, training, teaching, product development, quality control, manufacturing, marketing or management.  Accordingly, you should choose the post-graduation course.  If you are deeply interested in pure sciences and have been a brilliant student, you should aim for a national level institute. For post-graduation in the most reputed institutions like IISc, IITs, BITS Pilani, IISER etc. you have to appear for their respective entrance exams. Other colleges mostly give admission based on your marks in B.Sc.

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