Spreading the cycle culture

Spreading the cycle culture


Spreading the cycle culture

After a hectic day at the office, a long ride on a bicycle will rejuvenate the mind and body,” says mountain biker Gary Fisher, who was in town recently. In an interaction with Metrolife he poured his heart out about his passion and future plans.

Talking about the love of his life – cycling, he says, “Cycling is the best way to explore nature. There are many places on this earth where a car cannot go. It is only a cycle that can go through the serpentine roads, on pathless lands, or even enjoy the natural sculptures of mountains.”

Gary’s motto in life is to spread the culture of cycling around the world. He says, “That’s what I want to do, that’s what I am doing and that’s what I will spread as long as I am alive.” Talking about the benefits of cycling, he says, “When one begins to cycle, the first month is miserable – the body aches too much.

But in the second and third months, you start enjoying it. Three months are more than enough for a person to love cycling. The arteries, cardiac and vascular parts of the body are refined. It is an excellent exercise.”

Gary feels that cycles will be very effective in urban areas. He adds, “Cycling is the finest form of urban transportation – there will be no air and noise pollution, no parking problem. I think it is a great idea. And especially for Delhi – the traffic is chaotic here, the best way to make it fast-moving is to ride bicycles and have spacious roads.”

Gary designs cycles as well, but they tend to be more on the expensive side. When asked if he would design bikes at lower rates for school students, he says, “The ones available in the market for Rs 2000 are not bicycles; but just ‘bicycle-shaped objects’. I do not want to do that, I cannot compromise on quality. So, there will not be less expensive bikes.”

Being in India, he says, his aspiration is to do mountain biking in the Himalayas. “I have explored a lot of nature’s secret places in the USA and Europe but I haven’t done any mountain biking in the Himalayas. That is something I want to do soon. In India, many people who are above 30 years, are getting into mountain biking. The trend is picking up and it is a good change,” he sums up.