A wonderful ode to a friend

A wonderful ode to a friend

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A wonderful ode to a friend

It was truly an emotional moment for a bunch of close friends, who got together and made a short film in memory of their 22-year-old friend Krishna, who passed away early this year after a bout of severe wheezing.

The 20-minute- film titled ‘Krishna – The Bliss’, made by Aiikya Films, was screened in the City recently. It portrayed all facets of Krishna — the prankster in him, his caring side etc.
It was evident that all his friends missed him a great deal. Those who were part of the project were very emotional at the end of the screening.

On what prompted them to make the film, director Vishwas Madisetty explains, “Krishna was one of the few guys I’ve known who had no ego problems. He would never hurt anybody and you would never find him lying. He had a wide network of friends of all age groups.”

Vishwas adds, “He would be the first one to donate blood, visit an old-age home or an orphanage and spend time with the inmates there. He would even volunteer to write exams for the blind. In short, Krishna was blissful.”

He observes that at a time when there are movies made around the theme of love, a short film on friendship would be ideal. The evening began with the playing of a music video titled, Naa Kannadiga, especially composed by the team for Kannada Rajyotsava.
It called upon Kannadigas to be proud about their language, culture and

The film began with a desperate phone call from Krishna asking his friends to rush to Bangalore City Hospital. Disturbed and confused, his friends rush to the hospital, only to find that they are called by Krishna to donate blood.

In another scene, Krishna walks into an old-age home with a cake to celebrate the birthday of one of the inmates.  In yet another scene, Krishna is seen playing a prank on his friend by smearing his face with colours.

The scene where Krishna and his friend spend a night out, around a campfire, till sunrise is particularly emotional.

“Our target audience is the young and they should engage in social service schemes and educative programmes for the less fortunate,” explains Vishwas.

Deepak, a businessman who also played Krishna’s friend in the film, says, “Krishna and I spent most of the time together. During the editing of the film, I couldn’t watch the movie more than once, it brought back a lot of memories.”

Ramcharan, who played the role of Krishna, notes, “I was acting out something that I already know. It was quite emotional to live the moment on screen.” 

People who watched the film were thoroughly moved. Saritha shares, “This movie sends out a message that friendship has a lot of value.”

Raghuram, a film buff says, “This film was quite different. Krishna’s friends have managed to capture even the minutest of his expressions, which is remarkable.” ‘Krishna - The Bliss’ is the fifth production from Aiikya Films.

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