'I'm turning music director'

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'I'm turning music director'

Whether you remember her for her debut role in Kamal Haasan starrer, Hey Ram, or for her song, Shakalaka Baby in 1999 Tamil film, Mudhalvan, Vasundhara Das is hard to forget. Metrolife caught up with the singer-actress when she was recently in town for an education conclave.

While she has had a short stint in the film industry and thoroughly enjoyed it, music became her preferred path. “I feel music expresses me better as an individual. That’s something that happened to me after my acting career took off and that’s what is most natural for me,” notes Vasundhara.

Interestingly, her dreams of becoming a singer were quite deep-rooted. “When I was in class seven, I wanted to be a singer, but realised that it was too frivolous of me to think that. I told myself that it could be a hobby — I’d be an earning professional by day, a singer by night,” recalls the 35-year-old. “But when I took a year off after finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I had three careers to choose from – being an actress, a music composer and singer.”

At the moment, music has completely taken over her life, with a lot of new projects under her belt. “I’m turning music director!” informs Vasundhara, adding that she is presently working on four films. “There’s a multilingual South Indian film, an independent Hindi film, a short film from New York and an independent film from Chennai.

I’m travelling with my band doing concerts half the year. I have a new independent sufi project of poetry by Shah Hussain and I have a training company called ‘DrumJam’ that does corporate training through rhythm and music,” she says.

Unfortunately for her fans, acting is not on the cards in the near future. “Acting was something that I did. It had its own route and opened a lot of doors for me and took me where it had to. I’m not closing that door yet because you never know… But right now, I don’t have time for a film,” she notes.

Ask the Bangalorean how it feels to come back here and she can’t stop smiling. “I love being back here. I’ve never left it, in a sense. I always go back to visit Malleswaram willingly, even though it’s too crowded. That place just has its own character and charm,” she wraps up.

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