Go for the geek look this season

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Go for the geek look this season

If you were ever treated with disrespect or even bullied in school for being a geek, this, is your moment of revenge. The geek look, complete with thick black rimmed glasses, books and technical devices et al, is back – and with a bang. Don’t try to fit into the hot chic image; pull out those blouses, skirts, junk glasses and comic books, and turn into a diva in your own right.

The geek chic look has been acknowledged and adopted by a number of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans, Ashton Kutcher and Scarlett Johannson. Closer home, the list includes Sonam Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan. What has clicked is the fact that it’s easy to do up, convenient to carry and provides a novel look as well.

Shivali Misra Seth of Purple Paperbags informs Metrolife, “If you want to put on the geek look, you should get some squarish, bookish-looking, yet stylish eyeglasses. In case, you don’t need them medically, non-prescription glasses are always there. Make sure it fits your face, and makes you look attractive. They are the foundation of the geek chic look.”

“Next, get tops with images of computers, books, video games, or else jokes and one-liners from the same. Images from comic books and animal characters are a great option in this regard. Be an individual and wear what no one else does.”

“Mix classy and professional with casual. Buy clothes that you would see in an office and pair them with an article of clothing you wouldn't see in an office. Ties with designs, jeans, blouses with argyle vests and pleated skirts also suit this look.”

Footwear forms an important part of this look. Go for sneakers or converses. Boots and heels with or without knee highs also work. Just don’t wear high heels.

In case you wish to take the look a step ahead, try geek tattoos, i.e, images of superheroes, comic characters etc. inked on your arm. Round it off with an ‘I am proud to be a geek’ attitude.

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