'I want to focus on the game'

'I want to focus on the game'


'I want to focus on the game'

The gem of Kapurthala, in Punjab – golfer Gaganjeet Bhullar has slowly and steadily climbed up the ladder of success and is currently one of India’s best professional golfers.

He has also won the prestigious Venetian Macau Open recently, which has so far been the highlight of his year.

“I started playing golf at the age of six,” Gaganjeet tells Metrolife, adding that at that time, the only options youngsters had in terms of sports were golf, football and cricket. “It was an exciting time for me. My dad used to play golf and I’d go with him to the golf course and fell in love with nature and the ambience. When I started playing junior level golf at the age of eight and winning too, I knew this is what I wanted to stick to,” he says.

Since his clearest memories of growing up are all attached to lush green courses, there isn’t much other than the sport which takes up his time. “It’s tough to answer when people ask me if I have ‘other passions’. This year, I’m going to touch 40 weeks on the tour bracket. I don’t know what I do apart from golf since it hardly gives me time to do or even think of doing anything else,” notes the 24-year-old.

He feels that a lot of new talented golfers are emerging from various parts of the country, which he says is a positive sign. “I’ve seen a lot of kids strike the ball really well on the course and that’s excellent. But I think there’s a lack of discipline in the upcoming generation of our golfers, which needs to be addressed immediately,” he comments.

While he has done his share of visiting popular hubs in the City, he doesn’t mind that he often does not have the time to do that anymore. “Now, it’s only about going from the hotel room to the course and back. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing since I want to focus on the game,” he wraps up.