Powerful typhoon makes landfall in Japan, 18 injured

Powerful typhoon makes landfall in Japan, 18 injured

Typhoon Melor came ashore in Aichi prefecture on the main island of Honshu shortly after 5:00 am , the meteorological agency said, becoming the first typhoon to make landfall in Japan since 2007.

It was packing gusts of up to 198 kilometres an hour and bringing heavy rain, the agency said.

Television footage showed some roofs and walls of houses blown off while trees were toppled, blocking roads and railways in Aichi and its vicinities.

"We monitored massive driving rain before dawn as the surface of roads was covered full of rainfall," said Naoki Matsui, an official of Aichi prefecture, where at least seven people were injured.

"As the typhoon is leaving our region, we are still asking our residents to remain vigilant," Matsui said.

Public broadcaster NHK said at least 18 people were injured by strong wind or heavy rain across the nation as more than 9,000 people evacuated to shelters after efforts were made to strengthen homes and equip coastal areas with storm surge barriers.