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The drama has begun

Yash and Radhika Pandit.Finally, the drama behind and in front of the camera is over. You can now watch the ‘Drama’ on the big screen. This much-talked about Yograj Bhat film starring
Radhika Pandit and Yash , in the lead roles, has everything filmi about it. You just can’t miss the colourful costumes, make up and body language — all loud and exaggerated, just like its title. But Yograj Bhat has unleashed his magic yet again with a brilliant story that’s woven around the youth and their lifestyle.

The subject of the story, says Yograj Bhat, is a little unconventional. “Life is like a drama and we are all actors in it. The story is about young and their life. There’s also a bit of the underworld drama, socio-economic problems and the issue of sexuality. The young mature early, make some hasty decisions and if you notice, the retirement also comes early and then they don’t know what to do. That’s how life has become these days,” reasons Yograj.

Yograj says that he’s not passing any judgement but his movie is a hilarious take on how the young think, talk, walk and behave today. “At the end of the story, we ask the young to dedicate some space for education. Youngsters are hooked onto gadgets these days and you really can’t blame them because information technology is world business and there’s no escape from it,” he adds.   

Radhika plays a compulsive flirt and Yash plays a young man who literally flirts with life. “Radhika was super excited when I narrated the script to her and spoke to her about her role. And I must say that she’s done a fabulous job in the film,” says Yograj.  

Radhika confesses that she sports a new look in the film, “My role has given me an opportunity to explore another side of the actor in me. It’s quite challenging and I have really worked hard to get my act right in the film.”

Talking more about her role, she says, “I play a character who is bindass and a compulsive flirt. I don’t know why Yograj sir thought I could carry off this character really well but I am glad he trusted me with this role.”

The film, she says, cannot be fit into a particular genre. “It’s a total entertainer,” she notes and adds, “there’s a gap between what the youngsters want to do and are doing. There’s a lot of confusion in their lives and we’ve managed to capture that feeling in the movie,” reasons Radhika.  

Nina C George

Inspired by reality

Director Suman Kittur’s latest film Edhegaarike, meaning guts, is inspired by a real incident about two underworld dons.

The film revolves around a young man, a supari killer, who comes on an assignment to Bangalore from Mumbai. “This young man faces a threat to his life and he chooses to die with dignity, rather than run away from the threat. He faces death with guts. That’s the crux of the story. I am not making a judgement about the underworld or their activities, the story is about this young man and what he believes in,” Suman tells Metrolife.
Suman is pleased with the way the film has turned out. “It’s come out better than what I expected it to be. Interestingly, there’s no dull moment in the film and since it’s a real story, there are a lot of human emotions involved – some simple, some complex,” she adds. Suman hopes people will like the film that she has made after years of planning and research.

Actor Aditya, who plays the role of a supari killer, says he had to work doubly hard to get his expressions and emotions right.

“The story is based on a man who was an active don, at one time. It is based on his life and the things that he did. I had to literally check with the director to know how the real character talked, moved and felt at that moment in the script. I know how the
underworld works and it’s thrilling to play a dark character,” explains Aditya.
He says that the underworld always arouses asense of curiosity among people.
“It’s thrilling when you play a real character and I am very happy with the way the character has shaped up,” he says.  

About her choice of actor Aditya, Suman feels, “Aditya doesn’t portray any extreme emotions. He’s quite controlled but you can read the expression and understand his emotions. This is precisely what I wanted for the role.”


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