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Today's letters


 Stop brain drain

‘Chemistry Nobel for India-born scientist’, Dr Ramakrishnan has brought name and fame to the country in which he was born. His achievement is another feather in the cap of India. The country should utilise the services of such scientists so that there will be no brain drain.

N R Ramachandran


 Matter of pride

Indian origin scientist Dr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan deserves all the praise for having won the 2009 Nobel Prize for chemistry along with two others. With this achievement he joins the elite club of other eight Indians; it is a proud moment for the country. All the hard and dedicated work of Dr. Venkatraman has paid off in the form of Noble award.

Inamdar Ramachandra


Ramkrishnan has made India proud

The feat achieved by Venkatraman Ramkrishnan has made Indians proud and deserves one billion and more compliments.  He has gifted a sparkling gift to the Indians across the world on this Diwali.

Indian government should realise that Indians’ potential is neither inferior nor comparable with others in the global world today and if facilitated with better facilities and recognition, these brains can bring huge laurels to the nation.

However, it is paradoxical that the brain drains takes away our good talents across the shores and make us to share our success with others.

Syed Khaja

New Delhi

Steps to be taken

The rehabilitation program for the damage caused due to recent floods in north Karnataka is estimated to be around Rs 20,000 crore. The State government is doing its best to mobilize funds for the same. In this time of economic slow down, it is not possible to expect a major share from industry and trade.


Our government should adopt its own austerity measures like Chief Minister and his cabinet members should reduce traveling in charted flights/helicopters, reduce overseas trips, postpone the proposed global investors meet —instead request the non-resident Kannadigas to contribute for flood relief, introduce car pooling or usage of BMTC buses for government officials to travel to respective offices in Bangalore.  Postpone the increase of pay scale or additional DA to the government officials and finally be discrete while announcing grants to institutions and conducting of program.


N Mukund



Curb unnecessary expenditure

Karnataka Government should immediately adopt austerity measures in view of the flood calamity in North Karnataka region. When thousands are rotting on roads without basic necessities and heavy losses of both human and material damages, it is not proper to celebrate any event with pomp and show.

Instead spending money for those things it can be diverted for flood relief work. Government should curb unnecessary media advertisements depicting leaders' photos for every routine thing as seen so far, which is nothing but wastage of public money. It is suggested that all public functions are stopped for sometime till the normalcy seen in public life in flood affected region.



Tribute to a valiant  police officer

Most brutal killing of inspector from intelligence branch of Jharkand police who laid down his life collecting intelligence in a hostile terrain should further strengthen   government’s resolve to uproot the Maoists from not only Jharkhand but from entire country. Government of India and state police force should strengthen our police force especially intelligence machinery with better infrastructure like modern equipment ,larger manpower and most importantlyis co-ordnation between central agencies and state police forces. Only then can this menace be combatted.

Supreme sacrifice of inspector Francis Induwar and many other men and officers of police force like IPS officer Choube of Chatisharh police should not go in vain.

In this hour of grief our heartfelt condolences to the families of all thesevaliant policemen who sacrificed their lives on call of national duty.

Ramesh GJethwani

National strategy needed

Home minister P. Chidambaram in his recent admission had said that the government had not taken Naxal violence seriously all these years and it had failed to deal effectively with Naxals. And the result of that indifferent attitude is the recent incident of a police officer's head has been chopped off by the Naxals in Jharkhand.

Let the union government have an all-India strategy to contain this violence by assisting the state police forces. In past the so-called secular parties and state governments including those led by Congress and Communists were soft on them by ceasing operations against the Naxals on the eve of elections to derive political benefits. Such things should not be repeated again.


Solve the basic problems

The struggle between the Maoists and the state has become unbearable for the ordinary masses across the state. The recent barbaric killing of a Police Officer in Jharkand by the Maoists is an act of cowardice to say the least.

The security centric approach of the central and state governments and the violent path of the Maoists is taking the country to a situation of civil war and the recent announcement of the Home Minister of permitting IAF to be more pro active against the Maoists would further exacerbate the prevailing situation. The Maoists too should re think their strategy while the government would do well to approach the problem in a more democratic way to solve basic problems faced by the masses. If the menace is not solved earliest, the civil society would be caught between the devil and deep sea.

Divakar N

Flouting the rules

Even after the Supreme Court‘s order that construction of memorials at disputed sites in Lucknow to be immediately stopped till final verdict is pronounced, but the gound reality is that- work is on, more quicker than earlier.

The defiant attitude of the UP chief minister Mayawathi seems that she doesn’t want any intervention from any quarter, not even from the Apex court. Sadly, the Supreme Court had no option but to order initiation of contempt of court proceedings against the UP government and summoned the Chief Secretary of UP government, Atul Kumar Gupta on November 4. Peoples wondered; why the Chief Secretary, why not Mayawati, who is running the state in her whimsical way and she believes that the Apex Court is a political battle ground?

Mayawathi as an elected representative is expected to act in accordance with the constitutional provisions only. But her government had flagrantly violated court orders. She has violated the mandatory provisions of the constitution; hence they are answerable to the judiciary. Not only is this an eye-opener for Mayawathi but for all other political parties and its leaders. No matter what high post they hold, the law is above them. 

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee


Stone flung into Trinity...

Hurray ! Tamil Nadu has now caught up with Bengal in the Nobel stakes — with a little help from America. Tamil Nadu has V. Ramakrishnan, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and C.V. Raman to pit against Tagore, Sen and Mother Teresa. Bengal. Though the later state can argue that J.C. Bose and Satyen Bose undoubtedly deserved the prize, that Raman did his pioneering work in Calcutta, and that Bangladeshi Peace Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus is a Bengali. 

Venkataraman Ramakrishnan who is a fellow at Trinity College,  links him to another Indian Nobel laureate, Amartya Sen. A joke has it that a stone flung into Trinity is likely to fall on a Nobel winner.

J. Akshay

Empty promises

Many political parties in their manifestos have promised to supply rice, wheat at very cheaper rates to BPL card holders, but in reality such promises will seldom be followed when they come to power. They show their faces only during the next elections with the same promises, which the gullible people believe to be true only to be duped.

Even supposing that the promise would be translated into action, most of the poor people who are really under poverty line will not get the benefit of the promises made, as the rich people in the guise of posing as poor people obtain BPL cards for a price.

Therefore the revenue authorities like Tahsildars, sub-registars  should be instructed to personally visit the houses of the poor people and after due enquiry with the neighbors of the poor people, they should issue the BPL cards without taking the “perks” and further should not allow rich people to get the BPL cards.

B S Raghavendra Rao,


Congress apathy

This is with reference to Central aid pales. DH of October 8, 2009. The fact that donations from people have been pouring in, trifling the help extended from the center, speaks volumes of the people of Karnataka and needs no elaboration.

Simultaneously it has exposed the Centres attitude towards Karnataka and its strategy of selective concern for the people with the vote banks in mind. It is a matter of ignominy for the Congress and its apathy for the people of Karnataka would be avenged in the times to come.


 Astrologers dictating to administration

Medical Education Minister Ramachandra Gowda’s assertion that the state government did not initiate any preventive action in the absence of astrologers’ warning of impending floods makes a mockery of the state administration. Buffoonery unfortunately has grave implications.

It is shocking that the state disaster management authority, under the chief minister’s chairmanship has not met even once. One can, however, empathize with chief minister and the revenue minister, for this small lapse, if they share Ramachandra Gowda’s opinion on astrologers dictating administration. After all what use is an expert committee and preventive security planning if astrologers do not advise the ministers properly. We eagerly await the state government to nominate the “state astrologer” and an advisory committee of astrologers to govern the administration.

Whatever the opinion of a minister is; the state government, particularly the chief minister, has to accept accountability and laxity in the matter. There is no excuse for the loss of lives. The state government was a party to sluice gates being opened. The district and taluk administration had many hours to warn people of impending water release. The misery and dislocation could have been managed better with pro-active management. This government has blood on its hands.

Narendra KV

Goa CM Dances as flood victims cry

On 3rd October, a day after Gandhi Jayanti, whilst it was pouring tears of  sorrow in Canacona village due to flash floods where as the  chief minister of  Goa Digambar Kamat on his return from there that night, chose to chill out at a dance organized by Panaji’s Club Vasco da Gama for its centenary celebrations. This was very cynical on the part of Mr. Digambar Kamat as the State was grieving with the suffering of their drenched brothers and sisters in Canacona and some other parts of Goa.

The Chief Minister landed at the dance in informal attire although the dress code for the occasion was strictly formal is another issue. May be the Chief Minister as usual was trying to impress the audience that he is an ‘Aam Aadmi’. If so he should have spent the night at Canacona soothing the tears of those suffering on account of the floods and not at a merry making party. What the Chief Minister did is akin to a Chief Fire Fighter leaving the site for an amusement break in between.

 Aires Rodrigues
Ribandar –Goa

Human Rights violation

Vehicular bomb explosions and those involving IED’s are going off with metronomes regularity in the troubled regions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. These are variously targeted to prove a point or drive home a bargain or simply to show that one or the other terrorist outfit is alive and kicking. The message clearly was to stay away from governance and democracy as was the case in Afghanistan when recently the explosions peaked just before the Afghan elections.

The reason for the choice of IED’s in these countries by the so-called terrorists is that they can be made easily with readily available material. The IED’s also lent themselves to spectacle and in the Islamic world with the pictures of 9/11 etched on their minds, every single terrorist was aiming to get the best blast for his penny’s worth of IED.

Explosions are now a way of life in these countries and the local people take it in their stride with almost a fatalistic view on the deaths that arise from them. This indicates how much the people in these countries are sinking to the animal world where there is a momentary sorrow at the death of a young or a near and dear one but then life moves on. This is the extent of despondency that the West has driven the people in the above named countries. When you strip a person of dignity then the person becomes desperate, rational thinking or shame has no more value and the person becomes an animal where the motto becomes survival at any cost.

Besides, the people of Afghanistan and Iraq were proud people, of strong character and deriving strength from their old cultures, particularly Iraq, who because of the unnecessary strife initiated by the West have been denuded of their self-respect and moral strength and reduced to penury, converted to refugee status. It is painful to see the lines of once proud people, men and women, queuing up for food and relief supplies driven to this state by want and hunger. Essentially driven to this state by the senseless war unleashed upon them for no fault of theirs. Is this not a massive human rights violation on the scale of a genocide for which the West has to answer?

S Kamat
Bardez Goa 403 521.

Serious problem

Apropos to the editorial (October, 7), the Naxal menace has really reached an alarming extent. It was unfortunate for India that our politicians did not pay any heed to this threat as they saw only Islamic terrorism. The seriousness of the government towards combating Naxalites is to be adulated.

However, efforts should be spent on winning the hearts of rebel rather than suppressing them by force. Providing basic infrastructures in the tribal areas should be a preferable step for the government because majority of the Naxals have reportedly resorted to violence out of poverty and inadequate basic amenities. 

A. Hameed Yousuf

‘Green and red’ Taliban

By ‘grace’ of Pakistan 60 Taliban will shortly intrude into India for ‘jihad.’ On the other hand seven more Pakistanis have been nabbed from the KutchRanchi. On every alternate day one or the other jawan or officer of our security forces becomes martyr and ‘green as well as red Taliban’ succeed because of the most loose, weak and coward domestic, foreign and defense policies of our ‘five years and 100 days old’ government. Aam aadmi is already facing the ever sky rocketing prices of the essential commodities. And the reason of this ever soaring hyperinflation is not only floods or drought, which aam aadmi all over our nation knows very well. border near LoC. One of them, Mohammad Elias is the ISI agent. And shockingly on the third hand Maoists, the red Taliban dared to behead special branch inspector Francis Indwar near

 Hansraj Bhat

Center will capitulate

It is indeed true that if Sri Lankan refugees are granted ‘permanent’ status as demanded by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi, it will open up  the flood gates for such persons already staying in India and also in future. Already the country is aware of how the demography of West Bengal changed to the country's disadvantage with refugees from Bangladesh allowed to stay unchecked by the State government despite Supreme Court's directive. We already know the track record of  Karunanidhi, who can use his clout with the center and considering he has strong representation  in  the Central cabinet, it is likely the UPA government will yield if not fully but partially out of four categories of refugees for  beginning.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

Don’t kill Naxals, kill Naxalism

The recent heinous killing by decapitation by the Maoists rebels should condemned by all and the government should take immediate steps to control this menace in the backward regions of north India before it goes out of hand or loss of many innocent lives.

The spirit of socialism or communism are very much necessary for all people oriented governments world over and even the most capitalistic governments of US, UK and our own rightist party led governments have adopted the good things from this leftist view. The government should always support the poor or less fortunate people by gods act, to be self reliant through good education and by providing opportunities to earn a decent income to lead happy life.

 However this leftist view or struggle for the support from the government or against any suppression acts by the mighty people will be termed Naxal movement if it turns in to violence or armed struggle which will not be tolerated by any government. The Naxal movement, like any other movement spreads only if there is wholehearted support from the aggrieved people. That is the reason why the Naxal problem is not spreading in Karnataka, as the exploitation or favorable condition is not existing due to better education and living condition for majority when compared to the effected regions of north or some states like Andhra.

Hence now the government should genuinely try to eradicate this Naxal thinking from the people’s mind and create a non-favorable ground for Naxalism by concentrating on the development of the people in these backward or tribal areas.

Ramakanth Udupa K,