Never-ending problems for commuters in Hassan

Never-ending problems for commuters in Hassan

For politicians, its a victory, for people, its worst experience

Never-ending problems for commuters in Hassan

 The campaigns and protests by a few political parties and organisations to retain the old bus stand in operation has yielded nothing much than landing common people in a soup.

Though a high-tech bus stand has been built in the city, there has been no end to problems faced by people at the old bus stand now.

As the project of the new bus stand was initiated, many demanded to retain the old structure. Amidst opposition from a section of the people, Channapatna lake was cleared to build the new structure.

Protestors insisted that the new bus stand should not operate until a over bridge was completed and had urged that express buses should pass through the city. But no heed has been paid to the demands. It is almost one year since the new bus stand was inaugurated, but the over bridge still remains dream and more than 90 per cent of the buses ply on the bypass road.

The old bus stand is proof for the neglect by the authorities concerned and the people suffer silently. Lack of basic facilities greet commuters. Absence of toilets, drinking water facilities and more over shelter tire people out.

The transport department has a plan to build a hi-tech structure for bus stand and a commercial complex clearing the old building. But, a few elected representatives and organisation had opposed it and forced to retain the structure for rural and city transport system. amidst opposed visions of the department and the people, the commuters are suffering. Old shelters have been cleared, pits have been dug up as preparations for implementation of the new plan was afoot.

As the pits pose a threat to the people, absence of shelters force them to stand under the hot sun. A few trees on the premises have also been felled. Hotels, shops, toilets and drinking water units have been also closed.
The most tragic situation of them all is that there is no hope of the buses, for which they would be waiting would never come to the old bus stand as most of them ply on the bypass road.