That room to call your own

That room to call your own

comfort zone The right furnishing is vital to make your bedroom a comfortable place. file photo

If there’s one place at home that offers comfort like no other, it is the bedroom. Our own private cubicle, the bedroom is a place that helps us recharge our batteries to face life in its myriad hues afresh. Say what you may, a warm and cosy bedroom is an absolute necessity as we spend one-third of our lives in bed!

The degree of comfort offered by our bedroom depends largely on its furnishing. Cool interiors, good ventilation, soothing wall colours, soft lighting, designer flooring, pleasing artworks, comfy bed, chic bedwear and such other features go a long way in making our bedroom a place we love to spend all our free time in. And, it definitely isn’t hard to create that special place.

A little tap on our creative instincts and a hard knock on our requirements are all that are needed to put together a bedroom we love. Since every aspect of our home is a true reflection of our taste, care should be taken to plan each and every feature in detail. More so when it comes to designing our bedroom as it is our own private chamber, a place we can call our home within a home. Gone are the days when bedrooms were just four walls with a bed in a corner and an old-fashioned steel almirah with a mirror on it in another. Today, designer bedrooms are in vogue where we get to unleash our creativity without a care in the world. Also, conventionally designed bedrooms hardly have any takers today as different users need different bedroom designs. While the master bedroom necessitates a design that reflects the homemaker’s taste, children’s room requires a design that attracts them to bed and lulls them to sleep. Of course, functionality too has a major role to play in the designing of bedrooms.

Appealing wall colours
First of all, wall colours of our bedroom should be appealing, as they have the power to influence our mood. Good colour co-ordination and careful choice of paints go a long way in making our bedroom an artwork in itself. When it comes to the choice of wall colours, it is best to activate our creative cells a bit and spruce up our bedroom walls to make them look really special. Pastels or bright colours, whatever our choice is, so be it. Ultimately, what matters most is our satisfaction quotient and nothing else.

While good ventilation is key to the ‘feel’ of the room, windows should be planned in such a way as to facilitate cross ventilation. Careful thought should also be given to the placement of windows so that they do not disturb the peace of the room while also allowing a lot of natural light to stream in. If the room is facing a busy road, place the windows away from the road, unless you want to be rudely awakened in the dead of the night to the honking of night riders. As cots are the centerpieces of any bedroom, the role of a well-designed cot in jazzing up the room cannot be discounted. However, shopping for cots is no mean task, considering the myriad designs, materials and sizes they are available in. However, there is no match to a well polished wooden cot in teak or rosewood. Such cots are long-lasting, appealing and lend a period look to our rooms. Though cots are readily available in the market, one can never be sure of the quality of wood used to design them. Hence it is best to get them custom-made by a fairly good carpenter.

Choose your bed linen
Next on our list should be beds that spell comfort in every sense of the word and bed linen that steps up the ‘cool and comfy’ ambience of the room. Fortunately for us, we are spoilt for choice while out shopping for bed linen. Such is the variety of hues, designs and textures they are available in. A careful combination of colours and designs is what we should look for. In fact, a trend that is fast catching up with homemakers is to craft their own bed linen to dress up their comfortable beds!

While loads of natural light during the day is what we should aim for, soft lighting during the night contributes quite a bit to the ‘feel’ of the place. Light fixtures should be positioned appropriately so that they do not hurt the eye. There should also be a variety of them so that each light fixture supports a different function. While bright lights near the dressing table are a must, soft lights near the bed are an absolute necessity if you have the habit of reading before retiring for the night. And, a bed lamp should be an inevitable fixture if there are small children occupying the room. However, the bottomline is to give functionality a serious thought before deciding on light fixtures.

Bare bedroom walls can certainly be boring. Adorn them with artworks of your choice. If you are a closet painter, then what better place than your private chamber to display them? So also with your family photographs. Bright pictures of your family holiday will definitely bring a smile on your lips every time you look at them.

When it comes to flooring, it is best to go in for a wall-to-wall carpet as it not only spices up the ambience of the room but also lends a cushiony feel to tired feet. And, last but not the least, place a flower vase in a corner of the bedroom to pep you up.
It is aptly said that there isn’t a place on earth like home. Likewise, there isn’t a place at home like the bedroom, shall we say?