Egyptian govt ought to reflect will of the people: US

Expressing concern over President Mohammed Mursi's decision to assume sweeping powers through a decree, the White House today said that the Egyptian government ought to reflect the will of the people.

"We have some concerns about the decisions and declarations that were announced on November 22nd, and those concerns reflect the concerns that many Egyptians have and that others in the international community have, because we've approached this transformation in Egypt with basic principles in mind, and that is we support democracy," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

"We believe that a government in Egypt ought to reflect the will of the people and we believe that the Egyptian people have to decide what that government will look like," Carney said.

However, the White House praised the role of the Egyptian President in the recent Gaza ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas.

"The President's interest was in working with the parties involved to help bring about a ceasefire, and President Mursi played a very constructive role in achieving that," Carney said.

"We have expressed and raised concerns about the decisions and declarations of November 22nd, and we'll continue to do that as appropriate," he said.

"Our interest in the development and transition to democracy in Egypt is one that reflects what the Egyptian people demanded through the revolution and continue to demand, which is a government that reflects the will of the people.

We will continue to work towards that goal because it reflects what the Egyptian people want," the White House Press Secretary said.

Carney said one of the aspirations of the Egyptian revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution.

"The US supports Egypt's democratic transition, consistent with Egypt's international commitments and the democratic principles that Egyptians fought so hard to secure.

Democracy depends on strong institutions and the important checks and balances that provide accountability," he noted.

"It's our view that the current constitutional impasse can only be resolved by the adoption of a constitution that respects fundamental freedoms, individual rights, and the rule of law, consistent with Egypt's international commitments, and is written through a consultative, inclusive process," Carney said.

"And so we call for calm, and we encourage all parties to work together and call for Egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues peacefully," he said.

According to Carney, the US President's believes that it is in the national interest and in the interest of the American people that that process continues and that a government in Egypt reflects the role of the Egyptian people, and that it respects the rights of minorities, that it gives voice to Egyptians so that they can help their economy grow and help their culture flourish.

"So we have been and continue to be engaged very substantially with Egypt as that process continues. When there are reasons to raise concerns, we raise them," Carney said.

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