Honey, even bees would be surprised!


If you thought that honey means the one and only simple Dabur honey, then this shop becomes a must-discover. Little Bee, with its three beehive shaped shops in Delhi-NCR, stocks an astonishing variety of honey and honey-based products.

They have obtained honey from the nectar of coriander, cumin, acacia, sunflower, jamun flowers and forests across India. Besides, they make a range of flavoured honeys like ginger, lemon, cinnamon and tulsi; and honey-based items like bread spreads, syrups, sauces, tea, concentrates and even Turkish Delights. All this, and more, will make you adore Little Bee no end.

Little Bee is an offshoot of the Kashmir Apiaries – India’s largest exporter of honey and honey-based products. They have farms all across the country and a whopping 50000 beehives. No wonder, they are able to come up with such unique products. In fact, they were awarded the Coca Cola Gold spoon – most innovative concept and products in 2011.

Its owner Charanpreet Singh informs us, “My father S Jagjit Singh established this company in 1981 and we started with only one variety of honey. Soon, we discovered, that honey from the nectar of different flowers have different colours, tastes and medicinal properties.

“So now we have honey reared from our farms of coriander, cumin, acacia, sunflower and jamun trees/plants, besides those from forests in the North-east, Shivalik range of mountains, Kashmir (their bestselling) and assorted. All of them are beneficial to the health in different ways.”

For example, the coriander honey has immune-prophylactic, anti-oxidant and fungistatic properties; the poly-blossom honey from North-east can be used in medicines; the spice honey is known to soothe bad throats, colds and upset stomachs; and the Jamun Honey is good for diabetics.

The flavoured honeys are even better. ‘Honey n ginger’ treats respiratory problems; ‘Honey n lemon’ helps reduce obesity and lowers cholesterol levels; ‘Honey n cinnamon’ is useful for a variety health problems like arthritis, hair loss, heart diseases and fatigue. Lastly, ‘Honey n tulsi’ serves as a nerve tonic, memory sharpener and anti-allergen.
Their spectrum of honey-based products is absolutely irresistible. They have ‘Ginger honey tea’ and ‘Ginger orange tea’ both of which can be simply blended into water.

‘Honey mango,’ ‘Honey pineapple,’ ‘Honey strawberry,’ and ‘Honey apricot’ spreads can beat sugar-drenched jams any day. Besides, they have three quintessential ‘Honey Barbeque Sauce,’ ‘Honey Chilli Sauce’ and ‘Tangy Mango Sauce’ and another huge variety of achaars.

If this doesn’t suffice for you, try out their anjir, nuts and saffron diffused ‘Turkish Delights.’

Legend says that a Turkish sultan ordered their creation to appease his numerous wives. For sure, Little Bee’s varieties here would please many more.

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