'I used to react earlier'

'I used to react earlier'

Big release

'I used to react earlier'

Rana Daggubati has attempted something different in his upcoming Telugu movie Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum (KVJ), which is slated for a worldwide release on November 30. Rana admits that he has worked really hard and even succumbed to a couple of injuries, during the shoot, but every minute has been worth his time and effort.

The movie has been directed and produced by his close friend Krish. “We know each other pretty well and that gave me a different comfort level altogether. We would scream at each other on the sets but at the end of the day, we would drive home together.
That’s how close we are and he knows my passion for cinema and sometimes I feel that the script was written just for me,” Rana tells Metrolife.

Rana prefers to call KVJ an action-adventure film. “This film has the biggest cast and will have the biggest release as well. I don’t think anybody has played a role like this before. I’ve trained in all combination of fights, under fight master Vijayan and we’ve shot in difficult terrains, including the dense forests of Palakkad. I injured myself during the shoot and my recovery time delayed the shoot a bit,” he says.

The film has also taken a dig at the illegal mining mafia. “We weren’t allowed to shoot at the real locations where mining is active, instead we recreated a mining set and that was a lot of work because we had to create many such sets. That was indeed very challenging,” explains Rana.  

This movie also has Nayanthara playing a journalist; senior actors Brahmanandam and Kota Srinivasa Rao. Talking about his co-star Nayanthara, Rana says, “She plays a news
reporter in the film, and with such a great body of work behind her, she has the ability and the experience to understand the role. I think she’s done a brilliant job.”    

Interestingly, Rana has been linked with all his co-stars, does he even bother about that? “I used to react earlier, but I stopped when I realised that even the person writing such things in the paper is unsure of the facts,” he notes.

Rana’s KVJ will be remade in Tamil as Ongaram. “We have shot half the film and at the earliest available time, we will complete shooting in Tamil as well,” he reveals.

Rana is no stranger to the City. “A lot of my friends and relatives live here and my sister will soon be getting married to a Bangalorean, so I think I will be coming here more often,” he signs off.