Drinking water projects: ZP resolves to continue with existing norms

Drinking water projects: ZP resolves to continue with existing norms

Speaking at the meet chaired by ZP President Gayathri Shanthegowda, member H M Sathish said the order asking for inviting new tenders for drinking water projects of the Engineering Department should be withdrawn.

“The action plan for the drinking water projects of 2008-09 has been approved in the general meeting. The ZP members have taken up at least 50 per cent of the drinking water projects in the last six months. How is it possible to invite fresh tenders all of a sudden now?” H M Sathish questioned.

Supporting this view, members Savitha Ramesh, Radha Sundaresh, Antony, Shivashankar, Krishnamurthy, Kemparaj said the woes regarding drinking water could be solved in many places across the district because of the norm that one need not call tenders for the drinking water projects of less than Rs 5 lakh budget.

“The new regulation will not allow this. Hence, a resolution should be passed to continue with the existing norms,” they urged.
“There has been no value to the resolutions passed in the Zilla Panchayat. The past resolutions have not been enforced. In such a situation what will be the fate of new resolutions?” asked member Sathi Sundaresh, adding that they cannot face the villagers if their demands are not me properly.

“The available amount for drinking water is Rs 12 crore. If an action plan is prepared for Rs 16 crore, there will be a deficit of Rs 4 crore,” said Engineering Department Executive Engineer.

Responding to this, member Sathish advised that the action plan may be prepared at 1:2 proportion.