In the spirit of the season

In the spirit of the season

Choir Groups

In the spirit of the season

The Christmas season is here and choral music will soon fill the air in the City. Along with the churches and choir groups, college choirs in the City are bracing up for the season too. They have been practising long and hard to render some of the most popular Christmas carols.

While some of them are planning on hosting big concerts, others want to keep it simple and have a function inside their college. Nevertheless, everyone seems to be enthusiastic about the festive season. Apart from practice sessions, the choirs are going all out, taking on different themes and getting their uniforms in place. Some of them are including a few dance routines in their performances. Being a part of a college choir isn’t just about singing though — it’s about using the platform to spread the message of joy to one and all.

One of the first college choirs to usher in the season is the Christ University Choir. They will be holding their annual two-day Christmas music festival, ‘Magnificat’,  which will feature choirs and music groups from all over the City — on December 1 and 2 at the University Auditorium.

Sherin Jacob, from the college, says that this is the seventh year of the festival and the preparations are going on. “The students have been involved in every little process of the programme. The festival is a non-competitive one,” she adds.The choir at St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science includes students from postgraduation and degree as well.

The choir plans to perform in the college and also visit other campuses. Kiran, the co-ordinator, says that the unique thing about the choir is that everything is handled by the students themselves. “It’s something they enjoy doing, so they take interest in every little detail. They have an interesting line-up of events,” he adds.The Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College choir has around 40 to 50 singers from various streams.

They are planning on holding a function on December 23 at the college itself. And when they perform, they try to include various styles — ranging from contemporary, negro-spiritual to the traditional carols. Anisha, who is part of the choir, says that they sometimes include a dance number. “It’s hard work but also fun, because we all share the same passion,” she adds.

“Ultimately, it’s all about coming together for the sake of music and letting go on stage,” says Esther Pranakumar, a professor at Bishop Cotton’s Women’s Christian College.
Calistus Jude, the staff co-ordinator of the literary and cultural association of Kristu Jayanti College, agrees with this view.

Which is why the college choir, which started two years ago, includes students who have passion but are not professionally trained. “We are never biased towards those who can sing. Through the choir, we aim at encouraging students to explore their talents. So, when a non-singer joins us, we have a professional trainer who trains them for six months and gives them the confidence to perform,” adds Calistus Jude, who says that this year, the choir will only perform in the college during Christmas. In February, they plan to hold a bigger event.

Being a part of a choir is like being a part of a family. In fact, many college choirs have a huge bash at the end of the year for those who will be passing out. “During the time the choir spends together, there is so much one learns about one another. Which is why, before the college breaks for the summer, we hold a get-together and bid adieu to those who will be passing out. We also get ready to welcome the newcomers,” adds Esther.